Monday, August 1, 2011

How's a $10.3 Billion Profit? (Actually $10.7 Billion)

Well, the good folks at Exxon-Mobil posted their second quarter profit and it was a real big surprise. They did well and IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH GAS PRICES AT THE PUMP!

The fact that we are being robbed at the pump made no difference to them. And, now they and other of their ilk, Big Oil GRBs, are acting like they have our best interests at heart as they buy those second and third homes and expensive stuff.

While the rest of us suffer.

And I wonder what their profit REALLY was. They've got all those people who can do all that creative accounting.

It is kind of like the guy I talked to at a pump at a station the last time BO had their feeding frenzy. I was complaining about the price and this little **** said "I don't care how much it goes up. I have oil stock and I'm getting richer all the time."

Yesterday, I saw the article and instead of $10.3 billion, the profit was actually $10.7 billion!!

Never Wanted to Punch a Guy So Bad in My Life. --RoadDog

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