Thursday, August 25, 2011

Almost Ran Out of Reading Material

One thing about traveling by air, it's a great way to catch up on some reading. And, taking a bus back and forth to O'Hare was even more "read" time.

And I have a huge amount of magazines to catch up on.

For the trip, I loaded about six National Geographics from 2009 into my carry on Globus bag, a great size for that purpose.

I read on the bus, waiting in the security line (just make sure you keep an eye on the line's progress as standing put when it moves forward angers folks behind you), then, there's the wait at the gate.

Then the plane ride (unless it isn't cloudy and I'm able to enjoy the ground which is always a lot of interest.

Yesterday, on my way back to O'Hare, I finished the last of the NGs, and then had nothing for the bus ride, or so I thought. Wait a minute. I now have my luggage and had the new book by Chris Fonvielle, Jr.'s Fort Fisher 1865: The Photographs of T.H. O'Sullivan and so had my reading material.

I also use the magazines as ballast like the ships of old. I discard as I finish and then have room for more souvenirs, which is another story.

I Hate Down Time. --RoadDog

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