Monday, August 22, 2011

Topsail Beach's Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel

Developer J.G. Anderson was the man responsible for Topsail Beach being here. After Topsail Island was released by the military (where it was used for missile testing) in 1948, he bought up much of the southern end of Topsail Island and began dividing lots and selling them.

His wife Emma came with him after he built a house for her on the island. According to the book Topsail Island Then & Now by B.J. Cothran, Anderson offered "lots to buyers with the stipulation that they pay 10 percent of the purchase price to the 'Church Fund,' a practice the IRS eventually stopped."

The church is non-denominational and does not have a regular preacher. Local clergy take turns each Sunday giving sermons. In return, they get free use of the parsonage across the street.

They have a fairly long waiting list.

This past Sunday, the associate minister of my mother's church gave the sermon to a packed house.

Now, That's the Way to Do Church. --RoadDog

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