Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ten Essential Chicago Barbecue Bites-- Part 3

8. JALAPENO-CHEDDAR KREUZ MARKET SAUSAGE AT AUSTIN BBQ-- They import Kreuz Market's hand-tied rings of pork-beef sausage from Lockhart, Texas. 226 W. front Street in Wheaton.

9. CANDIED PECANS AT BRAND BBQ MARKET-- "Smoked in bourbon barrel wood, these fabulous toffee pecans taste like pot barbecue." 2824 W. Armitage Avenue. (Imagine having your bbq and pecans at the same time? How do you pronounce pecans? i do it NC-style, "pea-cans," not the high-falutin' "pah-cans.")

10. SPARE RIBS AT BIG ED'S BBQ-- They are charred "one shade from black" and "ain't pretty, but the results are extraordinary." 2501 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in North Chicago.

And remember what I always say, "I never met a barbecue I didn't like."

All places are in Chicago unless otherwise noted.

That's BBQ to Me. --RoadDog

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