Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tidbits: Things to See While Cruising Those Old Roads

KANSAS-- There is a MADONNA OF THE TRAIL statue of a pioneer woman with two children and a rifle at COUNCIL GROVE, which has stood there since 1928.

The memorial to the stalwart pioneer mothers of covered wagon days is one of 12 placed by the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution in states through which the National Old Trails Road passed.

The 2096 mile-long (thanks denny) National Old Trail Roads was established in 1912 and also was called the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway going from Baltimore, Maryland to California, mostly along the National Road and Santa Fe Trail.

I have driven parts of it and seen several of the Madonna statues.

NEBRASKA-- If you like antique tractors, each summer there is a 150-mile ride across the state, at 13 mph. This goes through several communities during The Great Nebraska Tractor Ride.

Wow, imagine trying to get around all those tractors! Just getting around one is sometimes very frightening.

We have already missed the 2011 one, but 2012 will be June 22 and June 23. It is a short distance northwest of Omaha. But, don't plan on staying in Omaha because that is the time of the College World Series and the place gets REAL Crowded.

Drive That Old Tractor...SLOWLY Down the Road. --RoadDog


DennyG said...

I've got a pretty good guess where you got part of this information. I'd noticed in the past that Wikipedia had 2448 as the length of the NOTR. I'm sure you'll now recognize that as the original length of Route 66. One thing your post did was prompt me to spend a few minutes and correct the Wikipedia entry. A book published by the NOTRA in 1924 had it as 3096with the eastern terminus in Washington, DC. The 1925 Automobile Club of Southern California guide had the eastern terminus in New York with a route through Gallup and another through Springerville. The Gallup route was 3192 miles long; Springerville, 3251.

RoadDog said...

I noticed the 2448 miles for the NOTR and thought that was strange that it would be the same as Route 66, but was in hurry and didn't check it out.