Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trip to the Wisconsin State Fair-Aug. 9, 2007 Part 2

A great place advertising 40 reptiles on display with a $2 admission harkening back to the side shows of fairs past.

One of our favorite bands, Hat Trick, was playing at the Miler Pavilion and, as usual, didn't know where the stage was and walking all around. They play a zydeco/Cajun mix of songs along with Jimmy Buffet and are great entertainers.

Probably at any given time, there are about five or six bands and performers playing around the grounds.

One thing that the fair should do is put in more places to sit where you don't have to buy something. The old feet get mighty sore.


The site of the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds is not actually in Milwaukee, but a close-in suburb of West Allis. During the Spanish-American War, it was Camp Harvey and was originally established by the Wisconsin National Guard in 1879.

During the Spanish-American War, 5,469 men in four regiments trained here. Two of the regiments served in Puerto Rico.


Several old buildings were razed to build this gleaming new structure and it is huge. But very tiring to walk through with the masses. You have to watch the people almost as much as the stuff offered for sale. Especially bad are the people with the baby strollers. I have some sore shins to show for stroller encounters.

And then there are some on mechanized wheel chairs who will run you down if you don't get out of the way fast enough.


Any trip to the fair is going to result in a few extra pounds. Just was too much good food, but unfortunately, prices are going up fast these recent years.

Goulsby's has some great sweet potato chips for $4.

Beer is generally from $4 to $6 which has definitely cut down my imbibing. I can remember it at 50 cents and a buck. You can't avoid the beer price much by drinking pop. That staple runs you between $2.50 and $3.75.

Good Expensive Times at the Fair. --RoadDog

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