Thursday, May 29, 2008

Amboy, Ca. Coming Back

The April 24th Riverside (Ca) Press-Enterprise reports that the gas station at Roy's has reopened.

The whole, essentially abandoned town was bought by Albert Okura three years ago with the intention of reopening it as a Route 66 stop. This has been a slkow and arduous process, but Thursday, hundreds of folks on the annual Laughlin River Run stopped in to the station.

Okura owns 35 Juan Pollo restaurants in California bought the 500 acres in 2005 for $700,000. It was a popular stop until the 1970s when I-40 bypassed the town. The station reopened officially at 11:30 am, but by then over 200 vehicles had paid $4.50a gallon for gas.

Next, potable water is needed and it will cost $700,000 to drill a well and have a filtration system.

Always Good to See a 66 Site Resurrected. --RoadDog

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