Friday, May 9, 2008

"Dirty Deeds Are Done in the Dark"-- The End of "The Spindle"

That's what "The Spindle's" creator Dustin Shuler had to say about the destruction of his creation. He also added that he figures he will have a few drinks over it. The Chicago Sun-Times said "Put a Spike in It: The Spindle comes down." The Chicago Tribune headlines "Paying respects to 'Spindle' laid low."

The Sun-Times opened with, "The road ran out for Berwyn's Spindle on Friday night..." The Tribune opened with, "They drove slowly through the parking lot Saturday. Some took photographs. Others just stared in apparent disbelief, lamenting the loss of Berwyn's most famous pop icon. Under cover of darkness Friday, demolition crews dismantled the 'Spindle' in less than two hours, crushing any hopes of saving the towering stack of eight cars impaled on a silver spike."

On Saturday, all that was left was the cement base on which someone had spray-painted the words "Gone Baby Gone."


However, it should be pointed out that the top two cars, including the red Volkswagen Beetle (the cherry on top) and the one beneath it were removed intact and carted away. They are regarded as the sentimental cars.

Perhaps there is hope that the Spindle may once again rise like the mythic Phoenix of yore.

May 4th Chicago Tribune article by Gerry Smith.
May 3rd Sun-Times article by Andrew Herrmann

And I Never Even Got a Chance to See It. --RoadDog

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