Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our Place in Vernon Hills, Illinois

As I said earlier, took a ride around Mundelein and out past the apartment where we lived in Vernon Hills. I'm pretty sure I located it at the Villas By the Lake complex. These all feature the mansard roods which were popular in the 70s, but to my way of thinking, look kind of stupid.

We moved here from a one room apartment in Des Plaines to be closer to my work in Round Lake. This was a two room, second floor apartment we rented for $230 a month. They're still keeping the place up nicely.

I see that Vernon Hills is celebrating its 50th year of existence.

A major thing that happened around the time we moved there was the opening of a major shopping mall called Hawthorne. The area has since been over run by SHS-- Standard Homegenized Stuff. And, we don't even want to talk about the traffic.

Good Old Home Sweet Home. --RoadDog

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