Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Model Ts on the National Road and Route 66

The Springfield, (Mo) News-Leader reports that Models Ts will be visiting the city in honor of the T's 100th anniversary, May 13th. They will stop at the Best Western Rail Haven. They will meet members of the Ozark Chapter Model T Club in Conway and they will escort them to Halltown on May 14th.

This is the Model T Club of Southern California. From May 5th to May 25th, they are on a trip across the US from Baltimore to Los Angeles. The first part of the trip is along America's first federally funded highway, the National Road. From St. Louis to LA, they will follow Route 66.

I see that they will be in Plainfield, Indiana, May 9th and will be going to Terre Haute.

Sure wish gas prices weren't so high or I'd like to see this convoy.

Unfortunately, the Model T Club of Southern California's website has nothing on the trip. Too bad someone is not blogging along the way.

The cars that put America on the road driving the roads that helped make America.

Great Old Cars on Great Old Highways. --RoadDog

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DennyG said...

These guys have to be passing north of me today or tomorrow. I'll be searching to see what I can see. The party for that 100 year birthday party is to be in Richmond, IN, in July. http://www.tparty2008.com/