Friday, May 30, 2008

Philadelphia's Boyd Theatre

The National Trust for Historic Preservation published their 2008 list of eleven most endangered historic places earlier this month.

One on the list was the Boyd Theatre in Philadelphia. I'd never heard of it, but after reading the article, would say it is definitely worth saving.

It is the last surviving movie palace in downtown Philadelphia and opened on Christmas Day 1928 and operated until 2002. It is regarded as a masterpiece of art deco design.

There is no preservation easement in place and no historical designation and is currently threatened with demolition.

In 2005, Clear Channel bought it and planned a $31 million restoration as a live performance venue, but company plans changed and they sold it to Live Nation, but it is now back on the market. What is frightening is that the theatre is located on a premium shopping district, Chestnut Street.

In 2002, a Friends of the Boyd organization was formed and have since waged a highly visible effort to save it.

Some beautiful interior shots are at

Going to Have to Put it On the List of Things to See if It Doesn't Go Away Before I Can Save Up Enough Gas Money to Visit Philly Again. --RoadDog

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