Friday, May 2, 2008

"The Burger Guy"

Eating the specialties of different places is one of the extra rewards you get when hitting those great two-lane roads across the US.

George Motz of Brooklyn, NY, is really hung up on the All-American burger. So much so, that he has earned the name "Burger Guy." He has even written a book called "Hamburger America" where he lists the top 100 burger places in the US. Why, he has even taught a course on the subject at New York University. His wife, by the way, is a vegetarian.

Only two Chicago eateries made the list.

Billy Goat Tavern at 430 N. Michigan and Top Notch Beefburgers at2116 W. 95th Street. He says Chicago is too "hotdog crazy" that it really doesn't have a burger identity. He may be right, you never hear of Chicago burgers.

Motz does say that regions of the US are noted for their burgers.

OKLAHOMA-- onion-fried burger. The patty is covered with a thinly-sliced onion, flipped, and squashed together. We've been through Oklahoma several times on Route 66 now, but have never stopped for one. Reckon the time has come to imbibe one.

NEW MEXICO-- cheeseburgers are really green chile cheeseburgers.

CENTRAL CONNECTICUT-- burgers are steamed.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST-- put goop on the burgers, a mix of sour cream, mayo, mustard, and secret ingredients.

Mott says the "Burger Belt" stretches from Houston to Wisconsin.

Getting Hungry Just Typing This. --RoadDog

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