Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chicago to Extend Riverwalk

Something else for Route 66 visitors to do in Chicago.

The April 28th Chicago Tribune had an article about the expansion of the wonderful existing Riverwalk to use "under-bridges" walks at Wabash and Michigan avenues. Construction is scheduled to begin in July.

About five outdoor cafes open along it last summer and are planning to be back this year. Mayor Daley's long-tern plans are to turn the area into something like the famous River Walk in San Antonio.

The under bridges walk will enable a straight through walk without having to climb stairs, cross the avenues and then descend stairs on the other side. They will jut out 17 feet and have canopies above them to deflect any trash that might fall through the grates. They don't want what happened to the tour boat a few summers ago when Dave Matthews' tour bus opened the toilet and dumped human waste on the passengers.

A water taxi is also planned.

Sounds Like a Great Idea. One More Thing to Do in Chicago if You Can Afford the Parking. --RoadDog

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