Friday, May 9, 2008

Gas Gouge Hits Again Wednesday

All these HIGH gas prices are certainly causing me to re-evaluate any and all trips this summer. I even plan to do multi-stops anytime I just drive around home.

Wednesday, when I went to see Dave Clark in Mundelein, about 20 miles away, I also did a cruise to a former residence, the historic downtown Mundelein, much of it located right on US-45, and, of course, the stop at Bill's Pub. I also went to a favorite pet store and played with a kitten. Not many things more fun than playing with a kitten.


I took note of gas prices along the way. Wednesday seemed to be the INCREASE day.
Gas had been at $3.70 in Fox Lake, Illinois. It was still $3.60 at the Citgo, but was up to $3.80 at the 66 and Marathon. Fred's, a full-service pump your gas place, was at $3.83.

The BP at Il-120 and US-12 was $3.90 regular, $4 mid, and $4.12!!! for premium.

The Citgo and Shell stations at Il-60 and Il-176 were $3.90. Once in Mundelein, most were the "bargain" price of $3.87!!! Such a deal!!!!

Many of the cowards were only showing the regular price. Hey, if you're going to rip off people, at least do it proudly. Of course, when I call it at $3.90, it shows at $3.89.9, but that's really $3.90. Some Mundelein stations had it at $3.70 but in small print, with car wash.

In Vernon Hills, at Il-60 and US-45, you had the choice of $3.89 and $3.90.

I got gas at the Fox Lake Citgo on my way home and it was still at $3.70. Thursday, I noticed it too was at $3.80.

AND, I can remember back in the 60s, when I first started driving, of angrily pulling out os a station saying I'll never pay the outrageous price of 35 cents. How DARE they!!!

Something Really Has to be DONE with Big Oil. --RoadDog

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