Saturday, May 31, 2008

NIU Archiving Its Darkest Hour

The April 12th Chicago Tribune had an article about the archiving of the tragic murders that took place on campus on Valentine's Day.

It primarily focused on Cindy Ditzler, interim archivist, who workd Monday through Friday every week sorting throughthe vast amounts of material from that tragic day and the days following.

I also know that Kay Shelton, Illinois director of the LincolnHighway Association has been working on them as well, but she was not mentioned.

As a true historian/archivist she says she wonders "what was going through the person's mind when they put it at the foot of one of the crosses?"


These days, you see what are called spontaneous shrines in many places. Almost always you see them alongside roads for those who have died in accidents. You also see them by places innoicent people are killed in senseless shootings in inner cities.

Several popped up at Northern's campus in Dekalb, along the Lincoln Highway, Il-38 within hours of the slayings. The most visited and photographed was the one by the student center with the five crosses. There also were several large sheets of paper for people to sign.

My wife and I visited NIU the Tuesday after the event. Quite a moving experience.

More to Come. --RoadDog

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