Monday, May 19, 2008

Keeping It Closer to Home

With gas prices soaring to new highs almost on a daily basis, it is becoming a good idea to perhaps examine places closer to home.

The May 11th Southtown Star, serving Chicago's southern suburbs had an article called "Roadtrips don't have to empty your pockets" by Tom Houlihan.

He gave a list of historic roads in the area and some places to check out.

DIXIE HIGHWAY-- from Blue Island. Once a part of a historic 1914 road system between Chicago and Miami. It goes through the towns of Harvey, Markham, and Homewood before joining the Lincoln Highway in Chicago Heights. Suggests HiWay Bakery in South Chicago Heights which has been in business for over 70 years and has a great old art deco sign.

US ROUTES 12 and 20-- US-20 goes coast-to-coast. US-12 goes from Detroit to Washington state. Suggest the Sabre Room in Hickory Hills, Wold Bakery in Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn's Palermo's pizza, and Top Notch Beefburgers in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood, especiall for their milk shakes.

US-30, the LINCOLN HIGHWAY-- from the Indiana line to Joliet. Looks much the same as it did 50 years ago, but with 50 times more traffic. I can personally attest to this!! Suggests Carla's Restaurant in Chicago Heights, an old-time Italian eatery where the waitresses still call you "Hun."

US-6-- Also a coast-to-coast road.

Sounds Like Some Places to Check Out. --RoadDog

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