Monday, May 19, 2008

86 Cent Gasoline!!!

That's right. There was a time when a gallon of gas would cost you a cool 86 cents here in northeast Illinois.

I was going through my journal from May 1988, twenty years ago, and came across a passage about the cost of a gallon of regular in Fox Lake being 90 cents during the previous winter, but had dropped down to 86 cents in May.

Prices for gas at the marinas (for your boat) were a high of $1.45 at Harmony and $1.09 at Inland Harbor, both on the Chain of Lakes.

And I THOUGHT $1.45 was a rip-off. Just wait twenty years.

Looking Pretty Good to Me. --RoadDog

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Brian Butko said...

I remember the 1970s gas crisis as a kid, and noticing for the first time the prices at a local station - they had risen to 49¢ a gallon!