Thursday, May 1, 2008

Route 66 Trip in Illinois

After leaving Smaterjax in Dwight, we took the original alignment to Odell to visit the Standard station. I would like to mention that Dwight should really have the Rt 66 shields on the pavement at the north and south ends of town, repainted. You can hardly seethem anymore.

Signed the guest book at the station and saw that in the past several days they had had at least ten people from overseas visit.

With our dollar in the toilet these days, I expect that quite a few English and Europeans will be on Rt 66. We may be complaining about high gas prices, but, to Europeans, this is mighty cheap gas as they're paying $6 to $8 a gallon. Plus, with the Euro worth $1.50 and pound worth $2, they are getting more BANG for their Buck.

Newest acquisition is an an old washer-dryer. It us quite rusty and I didn't even know what it was when the person there showed it to me. It looked like no washing machine I've ever seen. The dryer consisted of a pair of rollers at the top.

The people in the house with all the gas pumps a little north of the station were out and doing what looked like spring training. A few years ago, Odell was having a city-wide garage sale and the man had his garage open and there are lots of gas-related items in there as well.

Cruisin' the Old 66. --RoadDog

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