Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eleven Most-Endangered Historical Places

May 20, 2008

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, of which I am a member, just released their list of the eleven most-endangered sities in the US.

I will go into greater detail in the weeks to come, but for now will list them and tell what is endangering them.

Abbreviations-- D= Develoment, PPP= Poor Public Policy, DET= Deterioration, N-Neglect.

BOYD THEATER-- Philadelphia-- D, N

California State Parks-- DET, N, PPP

Charity Hospital and Adjacent Neighborhood-- New Orleans-- DET, D, PPP

Great Falls Portage-- Great Falls, Montana-- D

Hanger One- Moffett Field-- Santa Clara County, California-- Det, N

Lower East Side-- NYC-- D

Michigan Avenue Streetwall-- Chicago-- D

Peace Bridge Neighborhood-- Buffalo-- D. PPP, Road Construction

Statler Hilton-- Dallas-- D

Sumner Elementary School-- Topeka, Kansas-- D, N

Vizcaya and Bonnet House-- Miamia and Ft. Lauderdale-- D

The Big Eleven. Save 'Em, Save 'Em All. --RoadDog

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