Friday, May 30, 2008

Albuquerque, NM Landmarks

An article from the Feb. 21 Albuqueque Tribune about the slow process preservation projects face in regards to saving.

Currently the El Vado was facing imminent destruction (since saved), but the story examined the DeAnza Motor Lodge on Central Avenue east of Nob Hill. The city bought it in 2003 from a private owner who wanted to replace it with a drug and liquor store. The city planned on revitalizing it and the area around it, but not much had been done on it as of the article's date.

The city needs to get the area around it legislated as a "redevelopment area" in order to get funding.

Well, at least Duke Town is doing something.

Come on Albuquerque, Get Your Ducks in Line. --RoadDog

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