Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trip to the Wisconsin State Fair-- Aug. 9, 2007

OK, so it was a while ago, but I just found my notes.

Liz and I went out to the fair again and walked our legs off.


Famous cream puffs-- still $3-- suggest you split it though. Way too much to eat one yourself, especially with all the other good stuff to eat at the fair.

$1 brat shot at Major Goulsby's-- piece of brat in a special sauce in a small cup-- mighty good.

Slim McGun's Irish Pub had a bagpiper playing.


Used to be $5, but now up to $9 on the racetrack. Lots of neighbors offering to let you opark in their yards for $10 closer to $5 farther away.

However, you can park east of the park for FREE iof you don't mind walking. We have always been able to find spots within a few blocks.


Definitely at the Wisconsin products Pavillion.

$1.25 ostrich snack
$2 raspberry sundaes
$1 buffalo meat buritto sampler
$2 hot dogs and brats

Got Milk? 25 cent chocolate, white, mocha, and strawberry cups at Senator Herb Kohl's Milkhouse, but expect lines. As I was walking to the end, more and more people were getting into line. Probably twenty got in line during the short time I was walking to the end. However, they are fast and keep the lines moving.

More to come.

Take Me Out to the Fairgrounds. --RoadDog

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