Monday, May 5, 2008

Illinois' Oldest Round Barn May Be Too Far Gone

While on the subject of McHenry barns, this out of the March 1st Chicago Tribune had an article by Carolyn Stark.

The rough winter we had this past season may have claimed something else besides people's nerves.

There had been plans to restore the 1897 round barn on the 20 acre farm on River Road in unincorporated Marengo. A snowfall so severely damaged the roof that here is now not much hope that it will be repaired.

In the 1890s, farmers believed that the shape was more efficient for milking and feeding the cattle.

The roof was last repaired in 1970.

Sad News. -- RoadDog


Unknown said...

Agreed. How sad. We're trying to make lemons from lemonade, though. We had to take down a barn a couple years ago. My husband uses the wood to make toy barns - for play or display. We include a booklet with each barn that tells the history of the barn and the wood, when we can find it. Maybe we'll do for toy barns and their history what Pleasant Rowland did for dolls. ;) I know there's not a massive market, but we're doing what we can.

Unknown said...

Forgot this...our web site so you can see the finished product and read a little about it.