Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Trip to Round Lake, Illinois

We lived for 17 years in Round Lake Beach, Illinois. This is one of the four villages that make up the area: Round Lake, Round Lake Heights, and Round Lake Park.

This last week, we went back for a dentist appointment and ride around the old stomping grounds.


I went to the two sites of the old Eagle Grocery store which was the main place for food for many years. The first place was at the intersection of Washington and Cedar Lake Road. The second was out on the major SHS (Standard Homogenized Stuff) Rollins Road. The Eagle store was near the intersection of Cedar Lake and Rollins roads and is now Big Lots.


We had the great pizza and salad buffett at Pizza Hut, which has been there at least since 1975, one of the oldest places still doing business on Rollins Road. It is across from the the original McDonald's, which is now a video rental place.


The huge Ace Hardware store out on Il-134 is still open and doing business even with Home Depot and Menard's located about five miles west of it on US-12. It still is the largest Ace Hardware in the US, but its business has declined greatly from the competition. This was a major place for home and yard stuff while we were living in RLB.

More Later. --RoadDog

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Tina said...

Hi RoadDog:

We live in Round Lake, in the "new" part, LakeWood Grove, and we LOVE that Ace Hardware. It has that home-y feel. We go there before any of the big box stores. Cool to find out that it is the largest! I'll tell my hubby.