Monday, May 5, 2008

The Night "The Spindle" Died

The May 3rd Chicago Tribune had that as the caption on a picture of a large dumpster filled with crushed cars from Berwyn's famous Spindle. Nice play on Paperlace's song, "The Night Chicago Died."

After several years of effort, the owners of the shopping center, with no warning, moved quickly in and destroyed the 1989 landmark that has been at the center of debate in the community since it was constructed in 1989.

It was at the Cermak Plaza, near Cermak Road and Harlem Avenue and was featured in the movie "Wayne's World." Two weeks ago, it was offered on e-Bay for $50,000, but there were no takers.

Berwyn Alderman Michelle Skryd said, "I regret that we didn't have some kind of warning. It just seems really a shame that it was handled in this manner."

It was located on private property and a Walgreens will be built on the site.

One less neat thing to see in Illinois. This was quite a tourist attraction and a lot of people got off nearby Route 66 to view it.

Another Walgreens!! --RoadDog

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