Thursday, May 15, 2008

On Da Road-- National Road Drive Featured-- Cuts in Ohio

On Da Road-- News from the Highways and Byways.

1. NATIONAL ROAD DRIVE FEATURED-- The latest National Geographic Traveler Magazine featured 24 tours through the Appalachia area. One was a 400+ mile, 3 day drive along the National Road.

It said you'd, "Travel the same route that thousands of settlers took across the Allegheny Mountains and Eastern Continental Divide near Grantsville as part of our country's westward expansion."

It starts at the 18th century Boonesboro/Cumberland and extends into Ohio.

2. CUTS IN OHIO-- The Ohio Historical Society is facing a $2 million budget deficit and is cutting hours and employees around the state.

Along the National Road, the National Road/Zane Grey Museum in Norwich, Flint Ridge near Brownsville, and the Newark Earthworks are affected.

I know about the museum, although I wasn't able to find it last month.

The NEWARK EARTHWORKS are the largest geometric earthern enclosures in the world. They were built by the Hopewell people between 100 BC and AD 500 and originally covered four square miles, but now only three major segments remain that have been maintained by the OHS since the 1930s.

FLINT RIDGE are the quarry pits where ancient Ohioans came to get flint for tools and weapons.

Carry Me Down the Old NatRoad. --RoadDog

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