Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Down Da 66-- Tattoo Man-- Wheel Comes Down-- Tornadoes on the Route-- Country Side, Illinois

Down Da 66-- New News About an Old Road.

1. TATTOO MAN-- Ron Jones is going to soon run out of places on his body to put tattoos of sites along Route 66. This can't go on forever. Any of you folk out there want toget inked, here's a place to view some ofthe tats on Ron.

2. WHEEL COMES DOWN-- Workers began dismantling the Pacific Wheel at the Santa Monica Pier Last Monday. People enjoyed it for the past 12 years. The new Ferris wheel will be bigger and brighter as well as easier on electricity. Itcosts $1.5 million and will have four times as many lights. Should be up by the end of the month.

3. TORNADOES ON THE ROUTE-- This past weekend tornadoes struck along 66, hitting the nearby town of Pilcher particularly hard, destroying most of the downtown and killing six.

It seems that the past several years, Route 66 has become a pipeline for severe storms comong across the middle of the US. They've had floods, tornadoes, ice and snow storms on many occasions. Global Warming or El Nino?

4. COUNTRYSIDE, ILLINOIS-- "Road to Route 66" will be the name of a series of 17 community events over the next 7 months. These will include concerts and movies in the park as well as an Antique Car and Motorcycle Show. Rt 66 goes through this town and is the home of the lamented Wishing Well Motel which was torn down within the last twelve months.

And the Road Goes On. --RoadDog

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