Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Down Da 66-- Red Carpet Hurt by Weather-- Sprague Super Service-- Real Villains at the Spindle-- How to Read Route 66 News

Down Da 66-- New News About an Old Road.

1. RED CARPET HURT BY WEATHER-- The Route 66 News reports that the Morris (Il) Daily Herald said that the Rt. 66 Red Carper Corridor from Joliet to Towanda (north of Bloomington-Normal) had poor turnout May 3rd because of inclement weather, but that it picked up Sunday, which was much nicer. There is some discussion about scheduling it more into summer.

Of course, I can tell you why the weather was so rotten on the 2nd and 3rd. That was the weekend that the spring carnival opened up north in Round Lake, Illinois. This is ALWAYS the harbinger of bad weather and has been for the last thirty years. They need to find out when it opens and have the celebration on a different weekend.

2. SPRAGUE SUPER SERVICE-- station located at 305 Pine Street in Normal, Illinois, has been placed on the National register of Historic Places according to Route 66 News. Route 66 enthusiast and owner Terri Ryburn plans on converting part of it into a bed & breakfast.

Glad to hear Normal and its sister city of Bloomington, starting to do something more with its Route 66 heritage. Of all the cities on the old road, they probably do the least. Perhaps the powers that be in the cities should take a ride down to Atlanta and see what a town can do with Route 66.

3. REAL VILLAINS AT THE SPINDLE-- There has been some discussion about Berwyn's Spindle coming down on the Route 66 E-Mail Yahoo group, always a good place to find out information on the road. Member and author Dave Clark pointed out that the real "villains" are the owners of the shopping center and not Walgreen's. Many of the comments were directed against Walgreen's which has the reputation of tearing down anything on a corner in their quest for "corner domination."

4. HOW TO READ ROUTE 66 NEWS-- I've said it before, but a great way to read the Route 66 News, the online blog for any and all things 66, is to punch in one of the great videos and then listen to it while doing your reading. Thanks Ron.

Down Da Old Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

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