Thursday, May 1, 2008

1970 Time Magazine Article-- Route 66

There was an article about truckers on the old Route 66, Dixie Truckers Home, other truckstops in Illinois such as Tiny's, Route 66 Terminal Cafe, El Roy's, the Mill, and the Fleetwood.

"They are the sort of place that serves Ann Page cherry pies with Sealtest ice cream heaped on plastic plates. With the porkchops or cube steak or fried chicken comes piles of mashed potatoes and canned creamed corn or cut green beans."

The Dixie is especially famous for its fried chicken and also has its own barbershop and two gift shops. John Geske, 65 in 1970, had run the place for 22 years. He said that even though truckers were a really big part of his business, he though at $18,000 to $20,000 a year, they were overpaid. "Here you have men, many without a high school education, who are making more money than the average college professor. Seems intelligence and compensation should move together."

Sure Hope No Trucker Read the Article. --RoadDog

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