Friday, May 30, 2008

New Signage in Lincoln, Illinois

The April 26th Bloomington Pantagraph had an article about the eraction of two signs in Lincol, Illinois, dealing with Route 66.

The Illinois Route 66 Associationa Preservation Committee placed signs at the Mill and the Postville State Historic Site with a small ceremony at each site. Both signs were "christened" with a bottle of Route 66 Root Beer.

The Route 66 Roadside Attractions Campaign began in 1996.

The Postville Courthose is a recreation of Logan County's first seat of governmnet. From 1840-1848 Abraham Lincoln was here while on the 8th Judicial Circuit. The original one is in Greenfield Village in Michigan.

The Mill was a popular Rt. 66 eatery noted for fabntastic schnitzel. It was abandoned in 1996 and in danger of destruction, but now is being converted into a Route 66 photo op. Hopefully, it will also eventually serve food again.

More Signage Never Hurts. --RoadDog

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