Friday, April 22, 2011

Welcome to the Garden of Weedin

I just had to put that in the blog. I came across an article in the Holiday 2010 issue of McHenry County (Il.) Living, the county where I live. This is a sign in The Woodshop, located in the town of McHenry right by the Fox River.

I've driven by the place many times, but never stopped, but the next time in town, I sure will, if for no other reason than to buy that sign if it is not too expensive. Even better, it is made of old, recycled barn wood.

And appropriate as well, as that is one of my major chores all growing season long. It's my Garden of Eden, but I sure do a lot of Weedin. Just yesterday, I'm sure one of those weeds I was digging up must have stolen my protective glasses. I looked everywhere, but couldn't find them. It had to be a case of payback.


He was retired, but came out of it to save old barn wood from the fire after the barn was torn down. McHenry County at one time was a major agricultural area. It still is, but on a much lesser scale. There were lots of old barns, but the ones that have been abandoned are fast deteriorating and we lose many every year.

Novak and his two partners, Lou Merceiri, a retired cabinet maker and Joe Handel, who scouts out the barns and wood, get excited whenever they come across weathered wood.

Not only do they make signs, but all sorts of furniture as well.

The Woodshop is located at 3301 Elm Street (Ill. Route 120) in McHenry, Illinois.

A Place to Visit. --RoadDog

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