Friday, April 29, 2011

Taking the New Car Out for a Spin

In a short time, we leave for Springfield, Illinois, taking Il.-47 to Dwight and then Route 66 the rest of the way. Hope to stop at the Palms Cafe in Atlanta for lunch.

I'll be keeping careful watch on the price of gas along the way and recording it.

Normally, I'd be listening to the Drive's, WDRV FM 97.1 Chicago, semiannual A to Z where they play over 2000 classic songs for a whole week. Seaver has just started playing songs that begin with the letter "E," "Ebony Eyes" by Bob Welch right now at 7:11 am.

However, we have three months free XM radio with the new car so will be taking full advantage of it for that time. Definitely hoping I won't find it necessary to subscribe to it after that. I do like channels 5 to 8, fifties to eighties music.

Tomorrow, I have a Sons of Confederate Veterans Division conference with the other five camps in the state. Right now, I belong to the Camp Douglas Memorial Camp in Chicago, named for the infamous Confederate POW place in the city.

I will be looking for other Civil War (non-Lincoln) sites along the way and in Springfield. This would include local museums, cemeteries and memorials. This would be in plans for a Route 66 Motor Tour of the war along the famous road.

On the Road Again, Hope I Can Afford to be on the Road Again. --RoadDog

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