Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard: Cape Coral, Florida 2011-- Part 10-- Old Cars and an Astounding Remark

February 5, 2011


After a hearty breakfast of cheese omelets and sausages, we were back on the balcony of the room looking out when Frank looked over it and exclaimed, "Hey, someone has the same Aveo rental car."

I looked, "But, Frank, that's our car."

"Oh!" replied the easily-confused Frank. In his defense, we had gotten back late last night.


Drove what seemed like forever (that Cape Coral is a very roomy city) out to this school. For some reason, I have never equated a school with a tropical isle. Perhaps it isn't as painful.

Anyway, school was not in session, but memories sure were. There were lots and lots of old cars there, 100 in all. Lots of people as well. I was impressed with a 409 '65 Chevy Super Sport. There were, HOWEVER, NO '67 ot '68 Camaros or Firebirds.

RC and Dave were both there. Dave was busy taking photos of all the cars. he probably has the biggest collection of old car pictures from car shows in the US.

Frank and I weren't really hungry, but they were selling some of the most-delicious-looking all beef hot dogs I've ever seen. For $3 you got the dog with all the trimmings, chips and a pop. We just had to eat.

Old Cars and Hot Dogs!! Sign Me Up!! --RoadDog

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