Monday, April 25, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard: Cape Coral, Florida-- Part 9


To get those Chinese Wallboard fumes out of our noses, we had to go to a local bar called Hustler's where we got drinks and sat outside. I just love sitting outside in early February and not freezing.

Not much scenery as we were next to a busy road, but the bartenders and wait staff were all female and Fridays they wear pretty skimpy outfits. That sort of made up for the road.


I sure could get used to them. We stopped by RC's house, which he is renting until he sells his home in Illinois. Like Dave's, he has the Lanai and pool outside and it is all Florida, with high ceilings, fans and Floridian stuff.

We then went to Tim's house which was the same, but newer. Liz, Tim's wife took me for a tour around her garden. Love that Florida vegetation and she has grown some palm trees from seed.

We had another round of Wii bowling which I really stink at.

A Long Boar Ride Tomorrow. --RoadDog

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