Monday, April 4, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard: Cape Coral 2010-- Part 4

It was sure great to see the white turn to blue seas and islands; we have arrived in another world. Had a bit of a wait for the luggage, then there was that first encounter with warm when we walked out!! Words can not describe the feeling, and to think a short 24-hours ago, I was still in the house in Illinois waiting for the blizzard to subside and looking at those four and five foot drifts.

The rental cars are right outside the luggage claim area so walked over to it. Al and Mark got a seriously upgraded car. Frank and I cheaped it out with an economy Aveo.

And we were off for Cape Coral. Stopped at at Publix for some essential snacks, nuts, beer and liquor and then went to the Holiday Inn Express right on a main street just over the bridge from Fr. Myers. There is a Perkins Restaurant right next door with a huge US flag. We had rooms facing the road and the flag.

None of them had ever stayed in a HI Express and I told them about how good the breakfasts were there. I usually don't stay for them because of expense, but my mom had gotten the family places to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Bluffton, SC, for my nephew's wedding.

I just had to get out on the balcony and soak some sun and warm and was there when I heard a voice outside call my name. Startled me, jumped up, and found Mark's ugly head grinning at me from around the partition.

Welcome to Florida. --RoadDog

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