Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard: Cape Coral, Florida-- Part 6

February 4th

Al, Mark and Frank were impressed with the "hot" breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express. Today, we had bacon and scrambled eggs.


Al, Frank and I took a ride back out to Cape Coral Beach and we walked to the end of the pier where we had a nice talk with the local old guys' coffee club. they brought their own coffee in a huge thermos and had muffins as well. Mighty friendly group as well. Most were originally from the north and wanted to know when we'd be joining them.

Hey, coffee and conversation sitting out on a pier and with a great view all-around at the beginning of February sure beats sitting in a local fast food place looking at the parking lot with snow piled all around is something I might just be able to get used to.

There was a sign on the pier with a picture of a sawfish on it. If anyone sees one, they're supposed to call a number and report it. Sure is a strange looking fish.


A big reason we were in Cape Coral was all of the foreclosures that are taking place there as a result of the Recession and housing bust. Frank has been there several times looking at places and always fantasizes about a Florida home. Of course, Canadian Al is planning on retiring in ten months and has decided he's had enough with the cold. Imagine a Canadian having had it with the COLD?

I have to admit that I have also thought about buying a second place down in the warm, especially after these last four lousy winters.

Poor Cape Coral was in the middle of a building boom when the troubles struck. Home prices were going up fast and people buying in a frenzy. It was ranked as the second worst hit town after Las Vegas.

Driving around, we saw lots of for sale signs as well as businesses offering great deals on houses.

Oh, Give me a House Where the Warm Breezes Blow. --RoadDog

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