Friday, April 29, 2016

Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss Motel-- Part 7: 66ers Hanging Out in the Lobby

April 24, 2016, Sunday

**  Breakfast again at Hardee's.

**  Another beautiful day.

**  Mom's laptop, my travel blogger, had something crash it yesterday, came on again.  Good as I can continue making posts on this trip.

**  I went to the motel lobby where quite a few Route 66ers were gathered.  A great thing about the Munger-Moss is that small lobby area where there is always some good 66 talk going on as well as interesting people.  Some of the folks there were Jerry McClannahan, Kip Welborn, Bob Giles, Jeff Meyer (the Roadologist) and Roamin' Rich.

**  Took a ride along Route 66 east of the Gasconade Bridge.  It is nice to see the old Gasconade Cafe with that interesting design and "giraffe stone" has been cleaned up.  It was getting overgrown the last time we were there five years ago.

Nothing Like a Day on the Route.  --RoadDog

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss Motel-- Part 6: The Band and the Hawks

April 23, 2016, Saturday

**  Jess McEntire played several of the songs fro his "Man on a Mission" album.  The Route 66 Band played a whole lot of country music, definitely OK with me.  One member of the Route 66 Band plays on Sundays in Nashville at one of the bars.

**  In between sets, they played songs from the Route 66 Radio show, featuring a lot of "Man on a Mission" songs.

**  We went back to the room very so often to watch some of the Chicago Blackhawks-St. Louis Blues game in the first round of the NHL Playoffs.  The Hawks were down 3 games to two and were losing 3-1 after the first.  Kip Welburn gave me a hard time about this.

**  Sorry, Kip, the Hawks tied it up 3-3 and went on to win 6-3.  I sure let Kip know the outcome.  That means that the final game will  be played while we are at the Curve Inn and Route 66 Hotel in Springfield, Illinois, on Monday.  At least we will be out of Blues Land.

**  The band kept playing well beyond when they were supposed to quit.  We enjoyed it.

**  After the band quit, we went over to the Skyline Lanes across Route 66 from the Munger-Moss and watched some music videos and some classic rednecks playing pool.

Congrats, Bob and Ramona!!  --RoadDog

Congrats Ramona and Bob!  --RoadDog

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sitting Here At the Munger-Moss-- Part 5: Celebrating Bob and Ramona's 45th Anniversary at the M-M

APRIL 23, 2016.

**  We've spent the last two days driving around in the '11 Malibu listening to a double CD set of the Lovin' Spoonful which I bought at the Dixie Truck Stop.  It has all the songs, plus bonus tracks from two of their albums.  Lots of songs I've never heard before.  These guys could blues it or folk it with the best of them.

**  Our next door neighbors at M-M were Roamin' Rich and family.  All five kids with the oldest at about five and youngest a pair of 5-month old twins.  I'd never heard of him before, but he is one young gung-ho Route 66er with a website

**  We're here to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Bob and Ramona buying the Munger-Moss back in 1971, the 70th anniversary of the Munger-Moss, and, of course, the 90th birthday of Route 66.

**  Bought a huge (and reasonably priced) bag of kettle corn from the wife of the guy at Orchard Hills Package Store and settled down for some great music and lots of good friends.

**  The U.S. 66 Band played and did Jess McEntire from the late afternoon hours to the night time hours.  I bought my copy of his Man on a Mission CD at the Munger-Moss Motel about four years ago.

Music at the M-M.  --RoadDog

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss-- Part 4: Getting Ready for the M-M Celebration


**  It was mighty hot out there by he bridge, so we left after an hour,

**  We had the intention of driving to an antique/tourist trap place west of Lebanon, but couldn't find it.

**  Went by the Orchard Hills Package Store on old Route 66 in Lebanon and bought ice.  This place used to be a cottage gas station.

**  Sat outside on the front porch of our room while waiting for the Munger-Moss celebration to begin.  This is one thing I really like about old motels, your ability to sit outside and talk with others.  You sure can't do that much in today's motels.

**  This year not only marks the 90th birthday of Route 66, and all US highways for that matter, but also the 70th year of the Munger-Moss and the 45th year that Ramona and Bob have owned the motel.


Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss-- Part 3: Gasconade Bride Rally

April 23, 2016, Saturday.


**  Breakfast at Hardee's.  Well, we are just now getting them back in northeast Illinois, but still too far away not to take advantage of that great breakfast.

**  Possible crash of "Mom's Laptop."  Weird stuff about another network and it all went dark.

**  Drove the 13 1/2 miles from Munger-Moss east to the Gasconade Bridge for the rally.  A very vocal and energetic group is trying to get the state to do the repairs needed to make it safe again, or, at least, allow it to remain standing, just not for vehicles.  The bridge was closed in 2014.

Good-sized crows in attendance.  I walked the bridge and I could very easily see why they had to close it.  It really needs a lot of work.  Food was being sold and several groups there with booths.  One was the Route 66 Association of Missouri, to which I used to belong but have been considering rejoining.  Now was a good time, so paid my $25 and am aboard again.

Give Me That Old Time 66.  --RoadDog

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss-- Part 2: We Arrive

Highlights of the Second Day, April 22, 2016.

**  A stop in Litchfield, Illinois, for our taco fix at Jack's (used to be Jack-in-the-Box).  The Jack's in Litchfield is the closest one to Chicago.  We are so happy they have the jumbo tacos back.

**  Being very careful not to get off in East St. Louis and got across the river, but then got lost in some less-than-safe areas in St. Louis.(It is so sad that we have to have less-than-safe areas of cities for tourists.)

**  Cruising Route 66 from Pacific to Sullivan.

**  Had lunch at the Jack's in Sullivan, which,of course, included some more TACOS!!

**  I-44 to St. Robert's and backtrack to Hooker Cut, my absolute favorite stretch of Route 66.  I can hear the ghosts of 66 going through there.  Had a brew at the Devil's Elbow outside with some real crazy ladies.

**  Arrived at Munger-Moss and checked in.  Had a short talk with the very busy, but friendly as ever, Ramona.

**  Went over to Senor Pepper's on Mo-5 and enjoyed the $3 happy hour pitchers and talked with some very friendly people.

**  Stopped at Applebee's on the way back to the motel.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss Motel in Lebanon, Missouri-- Part 1

April 23, 2016

We arrived yesterday after a two-day trip.

A few highlights so far.


**  A stop at the Ambler-Becker station in Dwight, Illinois, for their Route 66 90th birthday party.  Had a nice talk with John Weiss.

**  Dixie Truck Stop in McLean, Illinois.

**  Mahan Gas Station in Springfiled, Illinois at Fulgenzi's Pizza.  As happy as were were to see it there, we were even more saddened by looking at the empty Billl Shea's  That really hurt.

**  Drinks at George Rank's, Springfield's only Round Bar.

**  You-Know-Whats at Cozy Dog.

**   The TraveLodge/Lodge Motel is no more

**   Route 66 Hotel and Convention Center, Filling Station Bar


Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Bit of a Delay Getting Off for Route 66

We had planned on leaving for Missouri and Route 66 on Tuesday, but unfortunately, I came down with a cold on Monday, so had to postpone two days.

Because of the delay, we will be swinging by the Ambler-Becker station in Dwight, Illinois, where they are having an early Route 66 90th birthday celebration today from 1 to 4.  From there on to Springfield and a night at the Lodge of Route 66 Convention Center.

then, onto Lebanon, Missouri for the Gasconade Bridge gathering and the Munger-Moss 45th anniversary of Ramona and Bob Lehman owning it.

getting Our 66 Fix.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Big Tap Bracket Competition: We Have a Winner!

I had been following these brackets in the National Trust for Historic Preservation blog and forgot to go back and find out who was the winner.

The Championship Round pitted two Montana bars against one another.

Club Moderne in Anaconda versus the Sip 'n Dip Lounge in Great Falls.

And, the winner is...

Congrats to Club Moderne.

Since Montana isn't known for a large population, I guess someone might have voted more than once.

Belly Up and Have a Toast.  --RoadDog

Looking Back: Roadbuilding in DeKalb County, Illinois, in 1916

From the April 13, 2016, MidWeek "Looking Back."

1916, 100 years ago:  "With about three and a half mile of cement state-aid road to be constructed, some 60 reinforced concrete bridges and culverts now in view, a cement county aid road on the county line between Kane and DeKalb counties to be considered, a large complete county map with all the details showing exactly every road, being prepared by the county for general distribution; with road signs to be placed at intersections and a general improvement of roads by the township-- the interest in highway improvement was never before so widespread and the improvements in highways and bridges in DeKalb county promised to be greater than in any other year."

Looks like DeKalb County back 100 years ago was in the forefront of the Good Roads Movement.


Looking Back: A Free Motorist Campground at Annie's Woods in DeKalb, Illinois in 1938

From the April 13, 2016, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois)  "Looking Back."

A photo accompanies the article and is captioned:  "DeKalb Motor Club at Annie's Woods welcoming tourists to the free campground, circa 1938."

Annie's Woods is still there and part of the DeKalb Park District, located near the campus of Northern Illinois University by the Kishwaukee River.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Looking Back 101 Years: An Accident on the Woodstock-Sycamore Traction Line

From the March 24, 2015, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Il.) "Looking Back."

John Seymour, contractor who constructed the Woodstock-Sycamore Traction Line, which operates between Sycamore and Marengo, was injured along with three men who accompanied him on a gasoline section car at a point two miles south of Genoa on Saturday.

Traction lines were like railroads and were popular before the advent of the automobile and good roads.


Looking Back 101 Years: DeKalb Township Getting Road Building Equipment

From the March 24, 2015, MidWeek (DeKalb County) "Looking Back."

1915, 101 Years Ago

DeKalb Independent Township Highway Commissioner Frank Fuller will be getting some state road building apparatus: a large steam roller and an oiling machine.  They are now at Oregon, Illinois, and will be shipped to DeKalb.

Making Those New Roads Out Amongst the Corn.

Monday, April 18, 2016

We'll Be Staying in Some Historical Route 66 Motels This Week

Well, we hope to be staying in some.  Tomorrow night in Springfield, Illinois, at either the Lodge or Route 66 Convention Center and Hotel, and, of course, the nearby Curve Inn.

Wednesday night, we hope to be the Wagon Wheel in Cuba, Missouri and Thursday night at Boots Court in Carthage, Missouri.  Of course, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Munger-Moss in Lebanon, Missouri, where we will be celebrating Bob and Ramona's 45th year in business.

66in' It.  --RoadDog

News From Along Route 66, March 2016: Big Texan Expanding

MARCH 15, 2016--  The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, has bought 14 acres of land on the east side of its present location  They need to expand as they serve 500,000 meals a year and it is generally a 90-minute wait during the lunch and dinner rushes.

MARCH 16, 2016--  The Coleman Theatre in Miami, Oklahoma was vandalized with a bb gun as were other places and cars.

MARCH 18, 2016--  British Isles doing their own Route 66.  "A new tourist route for South West England:  Get Your Kicks on the A30.  By Simon Calder.

Ireland also has its Wild Atlantic Way and in Scotland there is the North Coast 500.  The A30 in England runs 280 miles.


Friday, April 15, 2016

DeKalb County Transportation Back in 1914: The New State Aid Road

From the October 15, 2014, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois).

1914, 100 years ago.

**  The Sycamore city council has concluded to give the Woodstock-Interurban company another chance.

**  Since the state aid road opened a couple weeks ago it has been much frequented bu automobiles.  Somebody undertook the task to count the automobiles on Sunday that passed a given point, and when he got to over 300 he became tired and quit.

I think this new state aid road might be the current Illinois Highway 23 between Sycamore and DeKalb.


On Cue, S.C. BBQ-- Part 5: Recommendations

They gave a list of four 'cue joints for ya to check out:

CAROLINA BAR-B-QUE--  New Ellentown--  Two sauces:  mild ketchup based and a spicy mustard sauce.

HITE'S BAR-B-Q HOUSE--  West Columbia--  famed mustard sauce

MIDWAY BBQ--  Buffal--  Choice of three sauces.

Q2U BBQ PIT--   Lake Wylie--  vinegar pepper sauce.

Try 'Em AQll.  --RoadCue

On 'Cue, S.C. BBQ-- Part 4: Odds and Ends

**  They give two sites you can go to to find complete listings of every place they know of serving BBQ  in the state.

**  One is  they say they have nearly 200 places.

**  Also which features a downloadable map and more articles.

**  One place they had a picture of has a rack of all four sauces, so you can pick your own.  I personally would divide my plate into quarters and try all of 'em.

**  There is also a picture of Goodland Bar-Be-Que in Springfield's plate and, of course, that great 'cue dessert banana pudding.

**  Two bbq guys they interviewed suggested washing it all down with either Red Rock Strawberry Soda or an ice-cold Diet Coke.  What?  No sweet tea?

Hey!  Ya Got Some 'Cue?  --RoadDog

On 'Cue, S.C. BBQ-- Part 3: The Four Regional Sauces

There are actually four sauces in the state, depending upon which region.

In the eastern part of te state, including the coast, the traditional vinegar and pepper sauce is the norm.

In the central Midlands area, including the Columbia area, it's mustard sauce.

The southwest section of South Carolina is where you'll find a heavier, tomato based sauce (one you can find across the whole USA.

The northwest part specializes in the famous sauce that combines ketchup with the
 traditional vinegar and pepper sauce.  This is often referred to as Carolina Red."

The guide has recipes for all four sauces if you're interested in making some of your own.

Your vinegar and pepper sauce consists of apple vinegar, red pepper flakes, black pepper, salt, ketchup and dark brown sugar.

Cuein' All the Way.  --RoadDog

Thursday, April 14, 2016

On 'Cue, S.C. BBQ-- Part 2: A Tale of Four Sauces

The original sauce used in the state was traditional vinegar and pepper used along the coastal plains by Scottish settlers.  next sauce came back to the 1730s when the then British colony of S.C. recruited many German families and they introduced a mustard-based sauce to the mix.

Next came the light tomato sauce often referred to as "Carolina Red."  This was the result of tomato ketchup becoming popular as a condiment around 1900.  This sauce is essentially ketchup mixed with traditional vinegar and pepper sauce.

Now there is a heavier tomato sauce with variations which has gone on to become popular all across the U.S., but its origins are in the South.

'Cueing All the Way.  --RoadDog

On 'Cue: South Carolina's legendary BBQ Scene-- Part 1: How Do You Spell It?

From the Discover South Carolina Official Vacation Guide by Lynn Seldon.

"Whether you spell it barbecue, barbeque, BBQ or simply Q, South Carolina offers more diversity when it comes to this tasty food than any other state in the nation.  From various meats and sauces to delicious restaurants and award-winning pit masters, the Palmetto State is right on 'cue."

I can think of some folks north of South Carolina's border who might disagree with some, if not all of this statement.

Why, South Carolina even has its own group, called the South Carolina Barbeque Association.

Its history stretched back to Native Americans.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

News From Along Route 66, March 2016: The Bridges of Route 66

MARCH 13--  Book review of "Route 66 Crossings."  Jim Ross has written it on the bridges of Route 66.  Of the more than 700 bridges on the old road, he has whittled them down to a bit less than 300 after eliminating ones like simple culverts or ones that minimal historical impact.  Shellee Graham made the photographs.

The majority of the ones covered in the book were built between 1912-1919, before Route 66.

These include ones that are still in use and others that aren't.

The stone culvert over Workman Wash near Needles, Cal., was built for the railroad in 1890 and is the oldest 66 bridge still in use.  A lot of wooden bridges still remain in New Mexico because of the climate.

Just when you thought they'd written about every possible thing of Route 66, we get this.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

News From Along Route 66, March 2016: Joliet's Troubled Rialto Square Theatre

From the March 30, 2016, Chicago Tribune "Joliet council looks at ways to aid Rialto Square" by Alicia Fabbre.

Famous downtown Joliet landmark and Route 66 icon Rialto Square Theatre is in another financial jam.  City council members have directed the city manager to come up with an intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Will County Metropolitan Exposition and Auditorium Authority board, which oversees the theater.

The agreement will include funding to cover past-due federal income tax withholding payments.  Council members are discussing fronting part of the city's annual subsidy to the Rialto to cover those past-due payroll taxes.

The theater has a long history of financial struggles, with this just being the latest.  Federal income tax withholding payments totaling more than $120,000 were not paid from November to February.  Financial records also show the theater also owes about $400,000 to vendors and other debtors and has only about $70,000 cash on hand.

Let's Hope They Get This All Straightened Out As This Is One Beautiful Place.  --RoadDog

A Boudin Link to Louisiana Cajun Past

From the April 3, 2016, Chicago Tribune "Fork in the Road: Boudin links to Cajun past" by Kevin Begos.

"Want a true taste of real Louisiana?  You'll want to head out of New Orleans and into the cypress swamps and rice paddies of Cajun country.  because that is where you'll find scores of mom and pop meat shops and convenience stores preserving a hundreds-of-years-old tradition of some very special sausages known as boudin.  And you'll be glad you did."

Louisiana has a Boudin Trail, roughly west of New Orleans on both sides of I-10.

Robert Carriker haseven written a book on it "Boudin: A Guide to Louisiana's Extraordinary Link."  Get it?

Boudin is pronounced BOO-dan and dates back to the 1700s when French Canadians came to Louisiana.  These Cajuns began using local ingredients and spices to make sausages  Locals have loved pork and rice sausages ever since.

Most boudin is boiled and served hot, but you can also buy smoked, fried in balls and made with alligator, crawfish or deer meat.  There are boudin egg rolls, bouding grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza and even king cakes.

I Loves My Sausage.  --BoudinDog

News From Along Route 66, March 2016: Laurel Kane Celebration of Life

MARCH 10--  The 1929 Marathon Station in Miami, Oklahoma will be auctioned.  Built in 1926 at 331 Main Street on part of the oldest Route 66 alignment near the famous 9-foot-wide Ribbon Highway segment.  Hope whoever gets it will keep it in place and looking historic.

MARCH 10--  Maplewood, Missouri, is proposing a giant "M" arch for its Route 66 alignment.  Maplewood is a St. Louis suburb.  It will be 35 feet tall and almost 50 feet wide.  I always love arches like the Dixon one in Illinois.

MARCH 11--  The Laurel Kane celebration of life is set for April 30, 2016 at her Afton Station in Afton, Oklahoma.  She was 69 when she died in January.  One of those people who make Route 66 so much fun and great.  We'll miss her.  I hope someone keeps her Station going.


The Most: North Carolina Brackets-- Part 3: Bless Your Heart and Y'all

Continuing With the Our State North Carolina Brackets.


When these two get together, throw out the dictionary.  Sure, plenty of people think they know what "bless your heart" means, but they only truly understand it when it is used in the right situation.

Meanwhile, catawampus means "askew,"  diagonal.

Well, I sure didn't know what catawampus meant.

"Y'ALL  vs. "-VUHL/-BURUH"

Y'all could win it all.  Its ubiquitous.  Really, you have to go out of your way to say "you all."

Then again, "vuhl" and '-buruh" allow you to spot out-of-towners.  Point at Greenville or Asheboro on a map.  If a person says "Green-ville" or "Ashe-burrow" the jig is up.

Good Stuff.  --RoadDog

Monday, April 11, 2016

News From Along Route 66: Bloomington-Normal Finally Realize the Importance of Their 66 Heritage

From the April 1, 2016, Bloomington (Illinois) Pantagraph "Downtown draw: Route 66 visitors center drives tourism."

Bloomington-Normal has become a destination for thousands of Route 66 travelers in the first year of the Cruisin' With Lincoln on 66 Visitors Center.

"These are visitors who have been bypassing our community for years,"  Beth Whisman, executive director of the McLean County Museum of History said.

The one year anniversary will be celebrated at 4 p.m. on April 25.  It opened April 25, 2015 and since then they have had 16,000 visitors.  Of the 3,211 who signed the register, 311 were international and 933 from out-of-state.

Maybe I won't superslab it around the towns anymore.

About Time.  --RoadDog

News From Along Route 66, March 2016: Birthplace of Route 66 Festival

From the March 30, 2016, Springfield (Missouri) News Leader "City releases Birthplace of Route 66 Festival details."

A video accompanied the article.  This year will be the 6th annual festival.  Last year 23,000 attended.  This year it will be August 12-14.

Friday:  Parade and concert by Rhonda Vincent and Asleep at the Wheel.

Saturday:  Run/Walk.  66 Poker Run on original Route 66 pavement, Classic Car Show at Best Western Rail Haven Motel, Springfield Cardinals baseball game, concert by Marshall Tucker Band.

The 2014 crowd had 4,000.  They are expecting 30,000 this year.


South Carolina Driving Tours-- Part 5: The Film Trail

There have been quite a few movies filmed in South Carolina.

"The Notebook" (2004)  Cypress Gardens where Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling were in a boat surrounded by swans.

"Cold Mountain" (2003)  The College of Charleston became a19th-century town square

"The Patriot"  Middleton Place Plantation.

"Dear John" (2010)  Bowens Island Restaurant on Folly island where they had their first date.

"The Prince of Tides"  (1991)  Beaufort

"Forrest Gump" (1994)  Beaufort for many scenes.  Huntington Island State Park where Bubba died in Vietnam.

Make Me a Star.  --RoadDog

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Most: North Carolina Brackets-- Part 2: Basketball vs. Racing

From the March 2016 Our State Magazine (North Carolina)  "March Madness.

Continued from April 5th.

OK, we've had the basketball brackets, the Album Madness brackets and the Big Tap!  brackets.  Now we have the Our State Great Eight.  I have already written about other brackets earlier this week.  This will go into more detail on fight of the "Key" brackets about the state.


Hard to say which organization known by its initials wins here:  NASCAR or ACC.  This is the state where Michael Jordan, Dean Smith and Coach K got famous, but North Carolina also claims the Earnhardts and Pettys.  The winner depends upon whether you prefer passing in the free-throw lane or the fast lane.


Sweet tea is top seed in our bracket and should have no problem defeating sweet potatoes, which, despite being our state vegetable (I didn't know that, I though hush puppies were, hey! corn!!)  Big problem for sweet potatoes:  they keep getting called yams, causing some confusion.

Basketballin' and Unsweetened Sweet Tea for Me.  --RoadDog

South Carolina Driving Tours-- Part 4: Tailgate Tour-- Univ. of S.C. to Clemson

These two in-state rivals seem to battle over everything, but tailgating.  Both have it and both like to claim their tailgating is the best.  A recent USA Today poll had readers ranking USC #1 tailgating in the country.  #2 was Clemson.

The University of South Carolina is at the state capital, Columbia and they fill every available spot around Williams-Brice Stadium.

Just 130 miles separate this tailgating mecca from Clemson, South Carolina, home of Clemson University.  I had always known Clemson was in S.C., but last April we were driving to Savannah from Illinois, and accidentally found Clemson.

In 2012, Southern Living magazine crowned Clemson as "The South's Best Tailgate.  On game days, the town of Clemson's population grows from 33,000 to 100,000.  The party begins hours before the game and continues for hours afterwards.

After All, You have to Wait for the Parking Lots to Clear Out.  --RoadDog

South Carolina Driving Tours-- Part 3: Beach Bliss

The forerunner of historic U.S. Highway 17 once linked all 13 American colonies from Boston to Charleston.  And, there are 220 miles of it in South Carolina.

The best way to do your Beach Thing is to start north and head south  This means starting with the 60 miles of the Grand Strand, otherwise known as Myrtle Beach and environs.  Then there is all that fresh seafood, right off the boat at Murrell's Inlet.

Next, you get to historic Georgetown.  And, on to the Charleston area and definitely Foley Beach.

Then you have that Hilton Head beach scene.


South Carolina Driving Tours-- Part 2: Where America Was Won

From Fort Moultrie by Charleston, get on I-26 (why an interstate?) to Columbia and visit the S.C. State Museum in Columbia.  from there, head to Ninety-Six, named in 1730 because it was thought to be 96 miles from the Cherokee town of Keowee.  At Ninety-Six National Historic Site you can visit where two Revolutionary War battles were fought.

Then take I-96 to Cowpens National Battlefield where Americans proved they could defeat the professional British soldiers, which they did in less than an hour-long battle.

You can end your South Carolina Revolutionary War experience at King;s Mountain National Military Park, about 30 miles from Cowpens.  This is where the Americans, hurting from defeats in Charleston and Camden, rallied to reverse the momentum of the war with a victory over General Cornwallis' army in a battle Thomas Jefferson termed, "The turn of the tide of success."


Thursday, April 7, 2016

South Carolina Driving Tours-- Part 1: The Scenic Route and Where America Was Won

From Discover South Carolina Official Vacation Guide.

Several different driving tours available in-state.


Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Byway on SC-11.  Rolls for 112 miles through the state's Upcountry.  Start in the north from Gaffney.  see the Blue Ridge Escarpment where there are dozens of waterfalls and miles of trails.


South Carolina is the site of more than 200 Revolutionary War engagements.  You can go from the first shots in 1776 to the battle that many say led to the british surrender.

Start your journey at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island by Charleston.  British warships fired on the American fort here in 1776.  Col. William Moultrie and his troops fought it off in a palmetto-log structure.  It was later abandoned and destroyed by hurricanes.  A brick Fort Moultrie now stands on the site.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

News From Along Route 66, March 2016: See Illinois 66 from a Train

These articles taken from the Route 66 News Site.  It has more articles and expanded information.  I just write about ones of particular interest to me.

MARCH 3--  Aubrey McClendon, owner of Pops in Arcadia, Oklahoma, died in a fiery highway crash in Oklahoma City on Wednesday.  He opened the iconic store in 2007.  The last time we were through it was in 2006, so haven't been able to visit it yet.

He is what keeps the Spirit of 66 continuing.

MARCH 3--  You can see Illinois Route 66 from a vintage 1950s domed railroad car.  there will be a two-day excursion in April between Chicago and St. Louis.  It will be April 23-24 with stops in Joliet, Dwight, Pontiac, Bloomington-Normal, Lincoln, Springfield, Carlinville and Alton.  Cost is $695.

Seeing the road from a different point of view.

MARCH 8--  The Boots Court Motel neon relighting is set for April 9.  definitely a place we want to stay.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Big Tap! Down to the Championship Round: All Montana

For a state with few people, Montana has to be proud of itself.  The two remaining historic bars are both from there.

It is Montana versus Montana.  They were voting Chicago-style.  Voting early and often  (and you can vote once a day).

You still have time to vote at the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The finalists for TOP SHELF:

Club Moderne of Anacona  versus The Sip 'n Dip Lounge in Great Falls.

I was torn between the outside of Club Moderne and the name Sip 'n Dip Lounge.

But, I voted for Club Moderne.


WDRV's Album Madness Brackets: Abbey Road Wins a Close One

The results are in on WRDV's Album madness bracket contest.

Of the 64 albums that started, just one reigns supreme today.

That one is Abbey Road which defeated Sgt. Pepper's.

The vote tally was close.  Abbey Road got 51.21%.  Sgt. Pepper's got 48.79%.

Beatles All the Way.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Most North Carolina Brackets-- Part 1: Hungry As All Get Out

I just came across this in North Carolina's Our State Magazine.  Although the voting is over, I thought the categories were interesting.

It started off with 32 competitors.

All of the categories were VERY Tarheel, some of you might not understand, but if you're from the Old North State, you will know.

It was:

Fast Food Biscuits versus Grits  (Those fast food biscuits are delicious, but I always liked my Grandmother Ebie's home made ones.)

Moonshine versus Muscadine (wine) (How about scuppernong?)

"Have Mercy" versus "As All Get Out"  (Sayings you hear more often or not.)

"Darlin" versus "Fixin'"  Well, I'm fixin' to eat some of those great biscuits.)

Makin' versus Growin'  (Well, you have to grow it before you can make it, right?)

Playin' versus Stylin'

Outer Banks versus Blue Ridge Parkway  (From the ocean to the mountains.)

Lighthouses versus the Long Leaf Pines


The Drive's Album Madness Championship Bracket: All Beatles

Big surprise, but both final challengers for best classic rock album are by the Beatles.

Right now, it is Sgt. Pepper's squaring off against Abbey Road.

I voted Sgt. Pepper's.

Make Your Vote Count.  --RoadDog

Big Tap! America's Historic Bars: Final Four

Club Moderne in Anaconda, Montana
The Horse You Came In On Saloon in Baltimore

Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee
The Sip 'n Dip Lounge in Great Falls, Montana

Still time to vote at the National Trust for Historic Preservation Blog.

Only one gets to be TOP SHELF.

Those Montana Folks Must Really Be Voting A Lot.  --RoadDog

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Big Tap Historical Bars Round Three

And you can vote for Final Four at the National Trust for Historic Places Blog.


Club Moderne of Montana defeated Irish Haven of New York


The Horse You Came In On of Baltimore defeated Gadsby's Tavern of Virginia


Best Place at Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee defeated Church Brew Works of Pittsburgh


Sip 'n Dip of Montana defeated Mr. Henry's of Washington, D.C.

Vote Chicago-Style.  --RoadDog

The Drive's (WDRV) Album Madness Final Four: A Beatles Thing

As we reach the end of the Drive's Album Madness brackets, we are now at  the Final Four.  As anticipated, three of the albums are by the Beatles.

The Final Four:

SGT. PEPPER'S by the Beatles versus REVOLVER by the Beatles*

WHO'S NEXT by the Who versus  ABBEY ROAD by the Beatles *

Voting is underway right now for Sgt. Pepper's versus Revolver.  I already voted, how about you?

Go to the Web Site

Vote Early, Vote Chicago-Style.  --RoadDog

Friday, April 1, 2016

Driving the Lincoln Highway Back in 1916: More People Doing It, But All Sorts of Adventures Along the Way

From the January 1916 Scientific American.

"I took my annual vacation this year in the form of a trip by automobile to the Pacific Coast over the Lincoln Highway built in 1913).  Two years ago, when I made the same trip, I was doing something out of the ordinary, one of perhaps 50 tourists who took the same journey.

"This spring I do not believe it an exaggeration to state that I was but one out of 5,000 who essayed to reach the Pacific Coast by motor, and did reach it after a series of experiences which would make the writer of the modern popular thriller blush with shame for his lack of imagination.

"It is the best road, the only road, leading from the Atlantic to the Pacific."

Drive That Automobile!!  --RoadDog

This Is the Way to Drive Route 66...In a Brand New Corvette!

From the March 17, 2016, L.A. Times "La Canad couple chronicle their adventures on Route 66 from aboard a new Corvette" by Sara Cardine.

The couple bought their new Corvette from the GM Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and picked it up at the National Corvette Museum.  They drove Route 66 back home to California.  What a way to road test your new Corvette.

It took them two weeks to drive the 2,100 miles.  I have to wonder whether they started in Chicago, but probably not.?

Cool on Cool.  --RoadDog

WDRV's Album Madness Final 8

The four Beatle albums are still in the running.  Big surprise there.

* Who I'm voting for.

SGT. PEPPER'S--  Beatles *
RUMOURS--  Fleetwood Mac

WHITE ALBUM--  Beatles
REVOLVER--  Beatles *

BORN TO RUN--  Bruce Springsteen
WHO'S NEXT--  Who *

ABBEY ROAD--  Beatles *
BOSTON--  Boston

get Out There and Vote...And, Vote Often.  --RoadDog