Friday, April 15, 2011

The Surf's Back and Just in Time for SOS

Usually when I'm sittin' here a'typin' away with my little two fingers, I have a Beach Music station on. Earlier, this morning, I was listening to Ted Bell on WNMB in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

I have enjoyed his show since he was on the late-great 94.9 FM WVCO, the Surf, which used to have the late-great Billy Smith, the dean of all Beach deejays. Well, this morning, I found out that while we won't be getting the Old BS'er, Billy Smith, back, the radio station is back.

They are on the air right now in the Myrtle Beach area and hope to be streaming over the internet by next week. Right now, the Surf and WNMB are doing a simulcast.

I searched for the station, but they don't have a website yet.

And all this as Beach Music fans from all over descend on the Grand Strand for the annual SOS (Shagging On the Strand) Spring Safari. What a bonus to that great Beach tradition, something I want to do some day.

This must have just happened because I scooped the others on the Carolina Beach Music Yahoo e-mail group.

Great to Have It Back!! --RoadDog

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