Saturday, April 2, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard: Cape Coral 2011-- Part 3

We got to the park and ride, $8.25 a day, parked and rode the van to O'Hare. Received the full body scan, thanks a lot you lousy terrorist and had to essentially remove EVERYTHING, including shoes, to make sure we weren't smuggling anything on board. Again, thanks a lot. Remind me to show my appreciation if I ever go one on one with one of those little cowards.

We took off from the American concourse and saw that every American flight had been canceled for the morning, but Spirit was still on. Stopped and had breakfast at McDonald's.

Plane took off on time and I didn't think you could possibly find smaller seats. Decided to not have a drink as Coke cost $3. Beer was $6. What do they think they are, Wrigley Rip-off Field?

Nothing but white on the ground at take-off. Couldn't see the ground for most of the way because of clouds. as we neared Fort Myers, we saw islands and lots of blue...water that is.

Long wait for luggage. Frank and I had combined our stuff to save $25. Spirit is now own to 40 pounds and we were over at O'Hare because of Frank's two extra pairs of jeans. We put them in our carry ons and met the weight.

More to Come. --RoadDog

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