Tuesday, October 31, 2017

2017 Rand Road (US-12)-Northwest Highway (US-14) IHSA Showdown-- Part 2: Northwest Highway


Maine South  8-1  (Park Ridge)
Barrington  9-0
Notre Dame  7-1  (Niles)
Palatine  6-3


Maine West  7-2  (Des Plaines)
Hersey  8-1  (Arlington Hts.)


Prairie Ridge  9-0  (Crystal Lake)
Crystal Lake Central  5-4
Cary Grove  6-3  (Cary)


Woodstock North  5-4
St. Viator  5-4  (Arlington Heights)
Marian Central  5-4  (Woodstock)

Twelve teams made it to the state playoffs.  The championship games will all be held at Huskie Stadium in DeKalb, Illinois.  (NIU)

Best of Luck US-12 and US-14.  --RoadDog

2017 Rand Road (US-12)-Northwest Highway) US-14) IHSA Playoff--Part 1

We are now into the second week of the Illinois state high school football playoffs.  Not only do I pit the Route 66 vs. Lincoln Highway teams, but also two roads near Spring grove (US-12, Rand Road goes right through Spring Grove and both roads go through where I went to junior and senior high school in Palatine.

Here are the US-12 Rand Road teams:


Palatine  6-3


Maine West  (Des Plaines)  7-2  (Where I student taught)
Hersey   (Arlington Heights)  8-1
Lake Zurich  9-0


Richmond-Burton  6-3  (Richmond)  This is where Spring Grove students go to high school.

Five teams


Monday, October 30, 2017

2017 Lincoln Highway-Route 66 Showdown-- Part 2: Lincoln Highway


Lincoln-Way East (Frankfort)  9-0
Joliet West  5-4
St. Charles East  7-2
West Aurora--  7-2


Lincoln-Way Central (New Lenox)  8-1
Batavia  8-1
Lincoln-Way West  (New Lenox)
Plainfield North  7-2
St. Charles North  8-1


DeKalb  7-2
Providence Catholic (New Lenox)  5-4
Marmion Academy  (Aurora)  5-4


Sterling  9-0
Kaneland  (Maple Park)  6-3


Rochelle  6-3
Dixon  8-1


Newman central Catholic  (Sterling)  9-0
Aurora Christian  5-4

Eighteen teams made it to the state playoffs.


2017 Lincoln Highway-Route 66 Showdown-- Part 1: Route 66

Last weekend, we began the annual IHSA Illinois State Football Playoffs.  I would have previewed it last week, but had those problems with the internet and blogs.

Here are the Lincoln Highway-Route 66 teams in the state playoffs:

ROUTE 66 IHSA STATE TOURNAMENT TEAMS  Season records also shown.


Joliet West  5-4
Edwardsville  6-3


Normal (Community)  9-0
East St. Louis 8-1  8-1
Plainfield North  7-2


Hinsdale South (Darian)  5-4
Normal Community West  7-2
Springfield  5-4
Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin  7-2


Chatham  7-2


Althoff Catholic  (Belleville)  8-1
Pontiac  6-3

3A  Wilmington  8-1
Williamsville  9-0  (They sure had a big show of support when we drove through there last Sunday.)
Wood River  7-2
Carlinville  8-1

Sixteen teams made the playoffs from Route 66.


Lots and Lots of Internet and Blog Problems These Last Few Days

It has been an extremely hard time for a technology-impaired person such as I these last few days.  The internet connection kept freezing up and I got locked out of my blog sites which made it rather hard to publish.

It seems to have somehow worked itself out now, so hopefully...I'm back.

But we will see tomorrow.

If I don't post, you know why.

Sheesh!  --RoadDog

Along 66, September 2017: Hotel Beale, Ray and George

SEPTEMBER 17--  Deteriorating Hotel Beale in Kingman becoming a problem.  The century old hotel with its famous rooftop sign has been closed for nearly 20 years.  There are suggestions that the city seize it as a nuisance.  The current owner says he won't do anything with it.

Time to take it away from him.

SEPTEMBER 19--  Interior Secretary recommends no changes to Mojave Trails National Monument.  Ray Zinke recommended shrinking six national parks, but our stretch wasn't one of them/

SEPTEMBER 20--  George Strait concert will be held in Tulsa on June 2, 2018.  It will be called "Strait Down Route 66."  Somehow that has a special ring to it.


Along Route 66, September 2017: Governor's Ride to 16th Annual Route 66 Mother Road Festival in Springfield, Illinois

SEPTEMBER 16-- Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is to lead motorcycles on Route 66 from the Chicago area to Springfield in the annual Governor's Ride September 23.  They will finish September 24 at the annual International Route 66 Mother Road Festival in Springfield.

They will be departing from Countryside and St. Charles, Illinois.  They will stop at Dwight, drive Memory Lane in Lexington, visit The Mill in Lincoln.

SEPTEMBER 16--  The 16th annual International Rt. 66 Mother Road festival will be held September 22-24 in Springfield, Illinois.  On Friday, the 22nd, over 2,00 classic and sports cars will drive through Springfield

Always a Great Time.  --RoadDog

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Along 66, September 2017: Charlie's Back

SEPTEMBER 10--  Charley Pride, 83, returns to Route 66 with a new song from his new album "Music in My heart."  In it he does a cover of an obscure Merle Haggard song, "The Way It Was in '51.

He had a big hit with "Is Anybody Going to San Antone" in 1970 where he mentioned Route 66

He had 29 #1 country hits.

I've always been a big fan of Charlie Pride, but had never picked up to the mention of Route 66 on his song "Anybody Going to San Antone."  After Liz and I got "hooked" on Route 66 in 2002, (thanks to running into Rich Henry, Tom Teague and Bill Shea on our first cruise on it), I really perked up when listening to the song and heard him "walkin' down Route 66.'  Hey, that's our road in his song.!

"Here I am walkin' down Route 66, wish she hadn't done me this way."  This was originally a Merle Haggard song and also has been recorded by the Texas Tornadoes who do it live on You Tube with Freddie Fender looking a lot like David Crosby.


Why Go Anywhere Else? --Part 5: Chicago Radio, Two More Passport Stamps, Oasis and Band, Packers Win


Listened to my usual radio shows, well, recorded one as they are both on at the same time:  Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots where he featured music by Tom Petty because of his death Monday, and Terri Hemmert's Breakfast With the Beatles (which I recorded).

We then went to our last two places for Chain Crawl passport stamps:  El Puerto on Nippersink Lake and Hidden Point on Fox Lake.  We now have all 39 passport stamps.

Then we went over to the Oasis on Bluff Lake and sat out at the tiki bar with Glenn and Barb.  We gave them our passport book to take to the party Saturday and see if we win any of the prizes.  There was a really good performer out on the stage so enjoyed that, but sure didn't enjoy the many, many bees that pestered every one.

Watched part of the Packer-Cowboy game there, but were seriously bothered by the bees who really swarmed.  We went to Sunnyside and saw the end of the game, bee free.  The Packers came back to win at the end of the game and we had several other Packer fans in the place and we sure had a REAL good time, especially with the several Cowboy fans in attendance.

Nothing Like Sitting Outside At a Tiki Bar and Listening to a Band On a Sunday Afternoon This Late in the Season.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Two Festivals On Route 66 in Missouri Last Weekend and We Missed Them Both

This last weekend, there were two fun festivals on Route 66 in Missouri (or do you say Missoura?).

Unfortunately, we were in Illinois for most of it on our way back home.

Carthage was having their Maple Leaf Festival.  The city is noted for its abundance of maple trees and even calls itself Maple Leaf City.  They have standard festival stuff going on, all of which I like, but I especially like its parade which will feature 15+ marching bands.  Marching bands are my favorite part of any parade and sadly, most parades only have one or two and sometimes none.

Cuba is having Cuba Fest (I also saw it called Viva Cuba, reflecting its name and that island in the Caribbean I suppose. Some of it was going on when we left the Wagon Wheel Motel this past Saturday.  We did drive always west out of Cuba, though, looking for Bob's Gasoline Alley which is not always open but is for the festival.  We drove as far as Fanning Outpost, but didn't see it and turned around.

Well, Two Festivals We Didn't Get to See.  Maybe Next Year.  --RoadFest.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New Place to Eat on Route 66 in Lexington, Illinois: Kelly's on 66

Sunday, while Liz and I were driving back from our 66 on 66 Cruise, we happened to drive through Lexington.  I had known that the old Filling Station Restaurant, which has been closed for many years, had been bought and was going to reopen at Kelly's on 66 Restaurant.

It had not yet opened when we were there during the Route 66 Red Carpet Corridor Festival in May, but was open now.

We stopped and found out they had just opened on Tuesday, Oct. 17.  Of course, there is a strong Route 66 motif inside and some really great food, with all sandwiches being served on homemade sweet bread.  Reasonable prices and extra friendly and fast wait staff.

Something to check out the next time you're in the area.

Eating Good on the Mother Road.  --RoadDog

Monday, October 23, 2017

"Welcome to Carthage" Project Completed on Route 66

I see that in Ron Hart's Facebook Page that the project of Lowell Davis in Carthage, Missouri, by the Boots Court Motel involving a "Welcome to Carthage, Missoura" sign and a vintage 1950s police car "hiding" behind it in a classic speed trap pose, has been completed as of this past Thursday.

I wrote about it in a previous post in this blog.

We were there when they put up the sign last Monday and got to talk with Mr. Davis who is quite a character.

Lowell Davis had the cop's head in the car replaced with a pumpkin in honor of the season.

This will sure help Carthage's tourism and no doubt will be a very photographed site.

Don't Speed in Carthage.  --RoadDog

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Cuba to Springfield on Route 66

Yesterday, we left the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri, and drove to Springfield, Illinois.  It rained off and on all the way through Missouri.  We drove Route 66 most of the way except between Litchfield and Springfield.

Took I-270 around St. Louis because of my boycott of that city because of its disgraceful removal of the Confederate statue in Forest Park.    I-270 is partly built on the old 66 bypass.

Once in Illinois, we got off and drove past the Luna and Edwardsville, Hamel, Staunton (where we stopped and talked awhile with Rich Henry) Mt. Olive and into Litchfield where we toured that excellent welcome center and extremely friendly docent (the Decent Docent).  Then stopped at Jack-in-the-Box for our taco fix and then on I-55 to Springfield.

Got a room at the Route 66 Hotel and went to George Ranks for a couple and to the Curve Inn and finally back to our hotel bar.

--  RoadDog

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Nine Bars in 3 Days On the Route 66 Trip

We'be been hitting the bars of late.

Thursday, Oct. 19, we went to the American Legion in Lebanon, Missouri--  twice.

Friday, October 20, we went to the Elbow Inn in Devil's Elbow and four bars in Cuba, Missouri:  East Office, Frisco, Rock Fair Tavern and the VFW.

Saturday, in Springfield, Illinois, we went to George Ranks, The Curve Inn and the Route 66 Hotel.

All bars except the American Legion and Rock Fair Tavern were on original segments of good ol' Route 66.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hangin' Out at the Vinita (Ok) American Legion on Route 66

Last night we got a room at the Vinita, Oklahoma, Holiday Inn Express so we could walk across the road (which is just several hundred yards off Route 66) and have a drink or two, three, four, at the American Legion.

We've stayed here before and for the same reason.  After a long day's drive, we like to unwind with a few and really love it when we can find a place withing walking distance of our motel.

Friendly people and a whole lot of country music being played.  $2 mugs of beer and we were able to get them to put the Cubs playoff game on the TV.  (But, they only have one TV in the place.)  Big crowd in the place, but we were the only ones watching.  For you Cub fans who think the whole world revolves around your beloved, tain't so.

We heard a WHOLE lot of COUNTRY MUSIC.  For some reason, you hear a whole lot of country music in Oklahoma bars.  We had a lot the night before at Cue and Brew in Stroud after we ate at the Rock Cafe.  Especially a whole lot of George Strait, but surprisingly nothing by Oklahoma boy Toby Keith.

I had to go to the jukebox to check out one group that was played a lot, the Turnpike Troubadours.  I will have to get a CD by them  That is an excellent band.

If It's Oklahoma, It Must Be Country.  --RoadDog

Been Enjoying Don Williams CDs on the Route 66 Trip

I have a double disc Don Williams CD featuring his biggest songs, that we have been listening to a whole lot on the trip so far.  Something about cruising through the Missouri (Missoura) Ozarks and red soil of Oklahoma with his songs just makes a trip on Route 66 all that much better.

"Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good" and "I Believe In You."

What a voice.  How laid back can you get?

Sure Going to Miss Him.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Welcome to Carthage on Route 66 (New Lowell Davis Project)

Yesterday morning we were at Boots Court Motel in Carthage and when we were leaving for that day's drive on 66 we saw a bunch of people out by the street busily working away on something.  It turned out to be Lowell Davis' (Red Oak II and noted folk artist) "Welcome to Carthage, Missoura, Home of Friendly Folks" sign, a project we were told had been 13 years in the making.

Pixie and Debbie at the Boots had been happy to allow him to put up the sign next to the motel and they had gotten the sign, which is painted on wood slats up as well as a metal replica of that wonderful courthouse on top.

The next part of the project will involve placing a 1950s cop car behind the sign, waiting to pull over folks going too fast on Route 66/Jefferson Highway.

We got to meet  Lowell Davis and Ron Hart.

So, beware of Carthage's new "Speedtrap."  Compliments of the Boots and Lowell.

Don't Speed Past the Boots inCarthage!!  --RoadDog

Monday, October 16, 2017

Why Go Anywhere Else?-- Part 4: 1972, Two Passport Stamps, a Band and Cubs Lose


Enjoyed going back to 1972 with Johnny Mars on WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback.  Brought back a lot of memories for that college year.

We had planned on going to NIU's Homecoming today, but with the wind and rain, decided not to go.

We did, however, get Chain Crawl passport stamps at two more places.  The Chain Crawl ends next Saturday with a party, so we're cutting it close.  Unfortunately we won't be able to attend as we'll be out of town.

We first went to Diamond Deli on US-12 in Fox Lake for the first stamp.  Then we went to the Aquarium on Nippersink Lake for the second one.  This is the Home of the Aquarium Club which you can join if you swallow or munch a minnow.

Next, we met Glen and Barb, two of our Usual Suspect friends, at the American Legion in Fox Lake to see the Neil Rose Blues Band play from 3 to 6 p.m..  We really like entertainment in the afternoon or early evening.  They call themselves a blues band, but they were really playing oldies songs.

Next, we went to Sunnyside and watched the Cubs blow a 3-1 lead in the eighth inning to lose 6-3.  Ouch!!


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Why Go Anywhere Else?-- Part 3: Zebra Mussels (They're Back!), Boat, I Pass My ID Test, and Cubs Game


Took the boat over to the mechanic to get it winterized.  I found quite a group  of zebra mussels on the engine area, something we haven't had for a long time.  They must be making a comeback.

Then drove over to McHenry and went to Wal-Mart and Meijer.  I actually got carded to buy a bottle of pumpkin spice wine at one of those tasting spots.  Fortunately, at age 66, I was able to pass muster.

We met the Usual Suspects at the American Legion in Fox Lake and sure enjoyed watching the Cubs win the first game of their playoffs against the Washington Nationals.  A whole lot of celebrating going on there, including me playing "Go Cubs Go."


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Why Go Anywhere Else?-- Part 2: Broken Oar, All In, Riverside and Sunnyside


We left Herman's Low Life and drove the short distance to Broken Oar on the Fox River and enjoyed their Thursday $1 pint drafts and got a passport stamp on our Chain Crawl book.  The usual Thursday Texas Hold-Em crowd rolled in.

Then, we went to All In off the Fox River and Ill-176 in Burton's Bridge and had a drink.  They aren't in the Chain Crawl, but we really like this place and stop in whenever we're in the area (just like Herman's Low Life).  They have a very good $1.50 burger special on Thursdays and $1.50 pints of PBR everyday.  Talked with a couple who had been in Las Vegas for their 50th anniversary and returned just five hours before the murders.

Then to Riverside Pub for another Chain Crawl stamp and $5 pitchers.  It is in Burton's Bridge, but on the other side of the river.

Last stop was at Sunnyside.

Five Bars, One Day, Two Passport Stamps.

Why Go Anywhere Else?-- Part 1: Boat Out and Herman's Low Life Bar


Always a sad day when we pull the boat out of the water, but something that has to be done because winter's approaching fast and we'll be gone much of the next two weeks.  Liz powered the boat up on the trailer at the American Legion and I took it home.

Because of the crummy weather this year, too wet and cool in the spring, the deluge in July that closed the Chain of Lakes for three weeks because of the flooding and then the extreme hot and cold weeks, we only got out in the boat 20 times.  We always shoot for at least 40.

We then went southward to Barrington Shores, Illinois, on the Fox River and went to Herman's Low Life Bar, a small dive bar that we especially love and just wish it was closer as we would sure go there much more often. It dates to the 1920s, owned by the same family, and hasn't changed very much from back when the Chicago suburbs were really out in the boonies.

We had a half price frozen pizza with a Chain Crawl coupon.  Herman's is also home for the Hot Cop Porn.  Their menu is on a sign and uses movable letters and everyone kept changing the letters from hot popcorn to hot cop porn so they got tired of changing it back and just left it.  Kind of a tradition now.

And, we always find folks to talk to when we're there.

Always a good place to talk with people you don't know.  A real neighborhood "Cheers" sort of place.  They have two trees that died and a wood sculptor has turned one into a giant Herman's Low Life beer bottle and the other one into a giant fish jumping out of the water.

Another name for the place is Herman's Rest-A-While Bar.

I've Got Friends in Low Places.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Along 66, September 2017: Goodbye Don Williams

From the Route 66 News Site.

SEPTEMBER 8--  There is a clue in the Country Classic Cars fire in Staunton, Illinois.  One of the five cars in the center of the the warehouse caught fire and that started it.  The owners have plans to rebuild.  Good news as that is a favorite place to salivated.

SEPTEMBER 9--  Don Williams RIP.  Age 78.  A huge country performer from the late 1970s to early 1980s.  His 1978 "Tulsa Time" went to #1 on the country charts.

"I left Oklahoma drivin' in a Pontiac
Just About to lose my mind
I was goin' to Arizona, maybe out to California
Where all the people love so fine."

And exactly what road would take from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to California?


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

About That Weekend-- Part 4: Radio, Bars, Da Bears


As usual, I listen to Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots on WDRV from 7 to 10 a.m., and record Terri Hemmert's Breakfast With the Beatles from 8 to 10 a.m. on Chicago's WXRT.

Another really HOT day.  We went to Hickory Lodge in McCullom Lake and watched the Bears actually win a game.  Sure enjoyed those $5 pitchers of beer and the $5 small pizza (75 cent toppings).

Finished up at Sunnyside Tavern in Johnsburg.


About That Weekend-- Part 3: A Wake and A HOT Party


Drove to Crystal Lake for the meeting of the McHenry County Civil War Round Table discussion group at the Panera Bread Company.  Today's topic was Civil War innovations.  I had a list of all naval innovations (see my Running the Blockade Blog for the list).

Came home then Liz and I went to Terry Spizzirri's wake in Wauconda.  Our weekends in the area will be a lot less fun now that we won't be able to see him.  He was quite the performer, good at music across the horizons as he liked to describe it.  Talked with his nephew Gregg who performed with him.

We came home and then went to Kenny's house in Richmond for a party.  Great food and Mitch performed an acoustic show, but, man was it hot.

Came home and watched TV (and stayed in the air conditioned house)  Watched Georgia win and Iowa lose.


Monday, October 9, 2017

About That Weekend-- Part 2: Goodbye Terry Spizzirri


Hot, REAL HOT.  I even was chased in off the deck by the hot.  With the coming of fall, Bob Stroud did Fall Songs on his Ten at Ten show on WDRV including:  "September" by EWF, ""Time of the Season" by Zombies and "Turn, Turn, Turn" by the Byrds.

I said my goodbyes to various internet sites to Terry Spizzirri, one of out favorite local performers we've been seeing for 40 years.  We will sure miss him.  He died last Sunday.  No more Half Garlic, Half Celtic.  He sure could do the Irish drinking songs.

Came home and sat out in the gazebo for awhile before going over to the Fox Lake American Legion and meeting up with "The Usual Suspects."


Sunday, October 8, 2017

About That Weekend-- Part 1: Enjoying the Yard and a Concert


Enjoyed a whole lot of places outside the house.  That includes FP (Front Porch, OD (On Deck), the Flats (east side) and the gazebo.  The gazebo is screened in, but somehow two big old bumblebees had found their way in.  I got a paper towel, caught them and released them outside.  They sure make a buzz when caught which feels really weird through the towel.  I, however, didn't get stung.

We drove to McHenry and went to the Polish Legion of American Veterans (PLAV) for a couple drinks before walking over to Veterans Park where we saw a concert by the local band, the Mississippi Stranglers.  Very good band, but WAY TOO MUCH jamming.


Poor Mr. Spickerman, His Car Stolen

From the February 8, 2017, MidWeek  "Looking Back."

1917, 100 Years Ago.

"Andrew Spickerman of Malta has just purchased a new Ford car, and in fact had just been taught how to successfully operate the machine.

"Yesterday morning early someone came along, tired of walking, and knowing that Mr. Spickerman had a new car, broke into the barn and started out with the car.  Neighbors heard the car leaving the barn, but did not pay any attention to it until later when the alarm was spread."

Those Lousy Car Thieves Strike Again.  --RoadDidn'tDoIt

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Beware Car Thieves Back in 1917: The Cops Have Eyes On You

From the February 1, 2017, MidWeek  "Looking Back."

1917, 100 Years Ago.

"Sheriff James Scott was over from Sycamore on a little business and incidentally told of the capture the forepart of this week of several car thieves.

"Sheriff Scott says that at this time he has twelve prisoners, and may have some more before long as he has the room for them, and there are a  number of people that the authorities are watching rather closely and unless they change their ways will be taken into custody."

Back Then, Too.  Cahnge Your Ways, Mr. Bad Guy.  --RoadDog

Jumping Bobs in 1917

From the Feb. 1, 2017, MidWeek  "Looking Back."

1917, 100 Years Ago.

"Several times today it has been noticed that kids jumping bobs, which of course is winter's delight, have caused more than one motorist to use the emergency brake and stop inside a short distance.

"The youngsters would be riding one sleigh and another would pass going the other way and they would jump off and start after the other one, oftentimes running directly in front of the approaching auto.

"Parents should warn their boys  to be careful of this practice, as many of the cars in use here in this city are heavy and would break bones in a boy's arm or leg very easily should they happen to fall while crossing in front of them."

Something else for the erstwhile autoist to watch out for.

Careful Boys.  --RoadDog

What Happens to Old Fire Horses in 1917

From the February 1, 2017, MidWeek "Looking Back."

1917, 100 Years Ago.

"Dan and Pete, two of the old fire horses recently sold by the city were seen on the streets this afternoon.

"The old horses do not look as sleek as when they were on the wagons but a second glance were recognizable."

No doubt replaced by a fire truck.

Sorry Horsee.  But Better Than the Glue Factory.    --RoadDog

Friday, October 6, 2017

Buying Them Motorcycles in 1917

From the May 21, 2017, MidWeek  "Looking Back."

1917, 100 Years Ago.

"Sawyer & Sons have been extra busy the past few days selling motorcycles.  Saturday, Elmer Reese bought the four-cylinder Henderson machine and is the first owner of a four-cylinder Henderson in DeKalb.

"The day before George Bacon of Kingston purchased an Indian.  Yesterday Paul O'Shatto of Sandwich came up here and took home one of the Excelsior machines and the east end men says that business gives the promise of being good every day this week."

Sounds Like the Beginning of a Biker Gang to Me.  --RoadVroom

Building Roads in DeKalb Co. in 1917

From the May 24, 2017, MidWeek  (DeKalb County, Illinois)  "Looking Back."

1917, 100 Years Ago.

"Pronger & Fletcher, which firm completed the paving job here last year and went from DeKalb to Sandwich on a $15,000 job, has just been awarded another contract by the Sandwich Board of Local Improvements.

"The new contract is for additional work started on streets there and the firm's bid, which was the lowest, was $13,639.63.  Work will be started on the new contract in about two to three weeks or as soon as the Franklin Grove work is completed."

Franklin Grove would likely be involving the Lincoln Highway.

The Good Roads Movement strikes again.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Along 66, September 2017: Museum Club Closes, Military Convoy on 66

From the Route 66 News Site.  These are just some of the entries and in shortened version. Just the ones of special interest to me.  If you want to see all of the entries, go to the site.

SEPTEMBER 5--  Museum Club in Flagstaff, Arizona closes abruptly.  It has been there since 1931.  The sign says that no memorabilia (and they sure have a lot of memorabilia) is being sold.  Closed 9-4-17.  

Too bad, a mighty fun place.

SEPTEMBER 7--  Antique military vehicle convoy on Route 66 begins September 16 and goes from Chicago to Santa Monica.

September 16 from Chicago to Pontiac.  Sept. 17 Atlanta to Springfield.  Sept.18 rest day in Springfield

Today, Oct. 4, supposed to arrive in Santa Monica.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Along 66, September 2017: The Duncan Manor, Towanda. Illinois

SEPTEMBER 2--  The White Dog restaurant near Clinton, Oklahoma.  The food is good and there is quite a view.  Maybe we'll have to stop by there when we do Route 66 when we're 66 this month.

SEPTEMBER 3--  An update on the Duncan manor near Towanda, Illinois.  It is on the list of Ten Most Endangered Places in the state.

David and Randi Howell purchased the 1860s property in 2014.

William Duncan, a breeder of shorthorn cattle, moved to Illinois from Clark County, Kentucky in 1863 and bought 300 acres near Towanda.  Between 1866 and 1870 he had Duncan manor built.  He died in 1876.

The place is currently in really bad shape when the Howells bought it.  It is open Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.

Someplace Else to Check Out. --RoadDog

Monday, October 2, 2017

N.C. Jan. 2017-- Part 36: "Battle Acre" and Encroachment of the Atlantic Ocean


There was a proposal to remove part of "The Rocks" in the last several years, which would have essentially reopened the Civil War's New Inlet, but it seems to have failed.  As much as I would have liked to see the waterway back to its Civil War appearance, I was against the proposal.

From "The Rocks" and Battery Buchanan, I drove back to Fort Fisher and stopped at "Battle Acre."  This is the site of the fort's headquarters and the Confederate monument and the first Fort Fisher Museum before the current one was built in the 1960s.  (There are also plans to build a newer and bigger museum and visitors center.)

Hopefully, certain people won't demand and have the Confederate statue removed.  You know who I am talking about.

This was the first land set aside for the fort.  At one time it was feared that "Battle Acre" would be lost to the encroachment of the Atlantic Ocean.  The ocean was many hundred yards east back during the Civil War, but after the coquina beds out in the water were removed to provide a base for US-421 in the 1920s-1930s, the ocean really came in and washed away and covered a large part of the fort.


Along 66--Part 2: New Places on 66

The Mill Museum--  Lincoln
Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Springfield
Litchfield Museum and Route 66 Welcome Center, Litchfield


Jensen's Point, Pacific
Wagon Wheel Motel, Cuba
The Four Way, Cuba
Boots Motel, Carthage

These are all places we want to visit on our Route 66 trip later this month.

Anxiously Awaiting.  --RoadDog

Along 66, June, 2017: "New" Places On 66 Since 2006 "Post-Cars) Era

From the Route 66 News Site.

Route 66 has spawned many new places along its length since 2006, the "Post-Cars" movie era.  That movie did a lot to increase knowledge of our old road among the general public.  The list covered all states, but I will do just the ones in Illinois, and some of the ones in Missouri.

They include places built-from-scratch like Pops in Oklahoma or places that had been closed or moribund like the Palms Grill Cafe in Atlanta, Illinois.


Pontiac-Oakland Museum, Pontiac
Palms Grill Cafe, Atlanta
Colaw Rooming House, Atlanta  (Didn't know about this one)

Sprague Super Service Station, Normal
Cruisin' With Lincoln on 66 Visitors Center, Bllomington

More to Come.  --RoadDog

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Along 66, July 30, 2017: Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame 1017 Inductees

From the Route 66 News.

JULY 30--  The Class of 2017 for the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame has been announced:

JUBELT'S BAKERY  AND RESTAURANT--  Litchfield, Illinois.  Its roots can be traced back to 1922.  We have eaten there before.  We like it right up there with the Ariston.

COZY INN/MARIO'S PIZZA--  Pontiac, Illinois.  Julie and Jerry Causer.  Dates to the 1930s-1940s.   Definitely a place to check out the next time we're in town.

PATRICK "PAT" McELROY--  Owned Pat's Standard Service station in Dwight, Illinois.