Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The "Miraculous" Jameson's Bottle

This past Sunday, Liz and I met Kevin and Kelly at A.J.'s Horsin' Around bar in Round Lake Park, Illinois. A friend of ours and a great entertainer, Terry Spizzeri, was playing an afternoon show for a local bar crawl.

We used to see him a lot and he even played for Liz and my 40th birthdays, but we then went for years without seeing him until last fall when we caught a show out on the deck of Dock's in Wauconda overlooking Bang's Lake.

He plays a great variety of music from the 30s all the way to current, and even with that Italian name, does a great Irish repertoire. (His father was Italian and mother Irish.)


This was the other couple's first time seeing him and we were having a blast and good time when Kevin looked over at the bar and saw a bottle of Jameson's Irish Whiskey illuminated by sunlight. All the other bottles next to it weren't.

We took this as a sign and it had to be shots and toasts all around. Well, that was our excuse, anyway. Even terry and his nephew on keyboards had a drink with us.

It Was a Miracle, I Tell You!! --RoadDog

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