Friday, June 22, 2018

Lincoln, Illinois' Mill to Host Activities for Tropics Relighting

From the June 19, 2018, Route 66 News.

Along with all the hoopla surrounding the relighting of the Tropics sign in Lincoln, Illinois, another of Lincoln's iconic Route 66 places will also be open and hosting many things in conjunction with it.

From 1 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The Mill, now a museum, will be open.

Route 66 Roadie Rod Ferguson of Hot Rod Travels will be featured as a guest presenter and will have a display of celebrity autographs that he has collected.  One of those is that of Jerry Muren, the last living of the "Wizard of Oz" munchkins who died May 24 of this year.  He also has one from Adam West, TV's "Batman."

Also, he has autographs by Ernie Edwards of the Pighip and Bob Waldmire.

The Mill Museum has an extensive Tropics collection including an original dining table and chairs and rare Tropics documents like menus, postcards, matchbooks and photographs.

We were just at The Mill on June 10 as part of the Illinois Route 66 Association's Motor Tour and they also have a big collection of PigHip, Ernie Edwards items along with, of course, The Mill.  We did find out that Haley's downtown was no longer open, but you can still get The Mill's famous schnitzel sandwiches at a bar nearby across from the old gas station.

Lincoln, a Town That Knows Its Route 66 Heritage.  --RoadDog

Most Iconic Foods of the Indy 500-- Part 1: Mom Unser's Chili

From the May 25, 2018, Indianapolis Star by Liz Biro.

Indy 500 fans will eat around 20,000 pounds of fries on race day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Eating food is a major part of the experience.  And, this is considering that you are allowed to bring food and drinks (alcohol included) into the race track.

That is just food bought at the track.

This past running of the race, No. 102, the places serving food actually gave out of burgers and hot dogs, at least in our area.

Here are some foods closely associated with the race.  Mom Unser's Chili, Breaded Tenderloin Sandwiches, Biscuits and Gravy, St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail, Root Beer and Onion Rings and more.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tropics Sign To Be Relit This Sunday

I know that I usually am a month behind on my Along 66  blog entries, but I will move this and the next blog up to present as they are very special to me.

From the June 17 Route 66 News.

The Tropics sign is returning to Lincoln, Illinois.  Ace Sign Company out of Springfield, Illinois, returned the sign on Friday, June 15 to its original home.  Workers put it up, but it no longer will mark the Tropics Restaurant, but will be in the parking lot of the McDonald's which now sits on the site.

There will be a relighting ceremony on Sunday, June 24.

The Tropics Restaurant had been closed for years and the building was torn down in 2017.

We just missed it being put back up as we were on the Illinois Route 66 Association Motor Tour over the weekend of June 9-10 and drove through Lincoln.

We are glad that we hot to eat and watch a Bears game at the original restaurant and were sad every time we drove by the long-closed place.

There is a good picture of the sign at the Route 66 News site as well as more information.

So Glad We Will Get That Sign Back.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Along 66, May 2018: Red Cedar Inn and Fender's River Road Resort

MAY 14--  The Red Cedar Inn building in Pacific, Missouri, was bought by the city in 2017 for $290,000.  It was built in 1932 and abruptly closed in 2005.

We had driven by it several times when it was open and still a restaurant and had planned to stop in for a bite.  But, it closed before we got a chance to do it.  Goes to show that you should always stop by places when you can.

Plans are to open  it as a visitors center/Route 66 museum.

MAY 18--  Someone has made a video about Fender's River Road Resort in Needles, California.  It is right on the Colorado River.  When we went all the way out west on Route 66 in 2006, we drove by this place and next time we plan to stop for the night.

Looking Forward to the Red Cedar Inn.  --RoadDog

Along 66, May 2018: Illinois Route 66 Bike Way in McLean County

MAY 9--  Route 66 Bikeway in Illinois gets grant for extension.  McLean County received a $1.92 million grant from IDOT to extend the present bike path along old Route 66 by 1.1 miles.

It will eventually be 16.5 miles from Towanda in the north, through Bloomington-Normal south to Shirley and Funks Grove.

So glad that Bloomington-Normal and McLean County is FINALLY taking advantage of their Route 66 heritage.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Wall That Heals, Vietnam Veterans Memorial-- Part 4

The Wall Replica

The replica Wall is three-fourths scale and 375 feet in length.  It stands 7.5 feet tall at its tallest  point at the apex.  Visitors experience The Wall rising above them as they walk toward the apex.

The wall replica is constructed of Avonite, a synthetic granite and its 140 numbered panels are supported by an aluminum frame.

Machine engraving of the 58,000 names along with modern LED lighting provide readability of The Wall day and night.

Names are arranged in order of date of casualty and alphabetically on each day, beginning in the center.for the earliest deaths.

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Wall That Heals, Vietnam Veterans Memorial-- Part 3: By the Numbers

22 years, 9 months:  Average age of service members on the Wall

15:  Age of the youngest service member on the Wall

400,000+:  Items left at the wall  (and there were a lot left while it was in McHenry

31:  Sets of brothers on the Wall

3:  Sets of fathers and sons on the Wall

246:  Most casualty deaths for one day.  January 31, 1968  The Tet Offensive

The Wall That Heals, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall-- Part 2: By the Numbers

Here are some numbers from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Replica Wall in McHenry, Illinois over Memorial Day weekend:

58,318:  Names on the Wall

1,500+:  Service members unaccounted for from the Vietnam War

8:  Women on the Wall

375 feet:  Length of the Wall That Heals

600:  Cities The Wall That Heals has visited

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Wall That Heals, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Replica, Comes to McHenry, Illinois-- Part 1

When I returned from the Indy 500 race on May 28, we got back in time for us to go over to McHenry Township Park by the Moose Lodge and see the wall.  I was hoping to get there in time as I've seen this replica wall before and it is a real moving experience.

The Vietnam War was a major part of my growing up.  It started when I was in 7th grade and went clear through my graduating from college in 1973.  I thought we'd still be fighting it as there was no end in sight and the U.S. did not appear to be doing what was needed to end it.

And, of course, there was the draft.  I came really close to having to go.  I would have had I been called.

I've seen the real wall in Washington, D.C., as well as a replica of it in McHenry many years ago at the VFW.  All times, I said to myself that I wouldn't get broken up.  All times that did not happen.

This Is One Really Moving Experience.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Lots Happening On Route 66 in Illinois and Missouri Last Weekend and This One

Last week, Liz and I went to Lebanon, Missouri and stayed at the Munger-Moss Motel for three days.  We hit all the Route 66 places from Pacific to there.  Lebanon and LaClede County have a really great booklet out that has every Route 66 place on it (and there are a lot).

We were out that way because of the Illinois Route 66 Motor Tour on Saturday and Sunday, June 9 and 10.  The Munger Moss and Lebanon are having their own Route 66 celebration tonight and Saturday.  Tonight, the party will be at the Munger-Moss and Saturday it will be downtown.

Last Saturday was the Illinois Route 66 Blue Carpet festival with a lot of towns between Litchfield and Edwardsville participating, as well as Edwardsville's 21st annual Route 66 Festival.  Also, the annual Illinois Route 66 Association Motor Tour took place, with a double crossing of the old Chain of Rocks Bridge as a highlight.

And, the Tropics sign in Lincoln, Illinois, will be turned on this month!!!

Sure Wish We Could Have Gone to the Munger-Moss/Lebanon Parties.  RoadDog

Thursday, June 14, 2018

States That Joined the Union During the Civil War

Since today is U.S. Flag Day, there were three states that joined the United States during the war years, causing stars to be added to the union.

1859-1861--  33 stars when Oregon joined

1861-1863--  34 stars when Kansas joined

1863-1865--  35 stars when West Virginia joined

Wikipedia has Nevada joining October 31, 1864


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Indy 500's Carb Day: Blues Traveler and Train

The cost to attend Carb Day is $30 and I think that is quite reasonable for all that you get, especially the concert at the end.

This year, we saw Blues Traveler opening for Train.  I knew a few songs Train has done, but listened a lot before I went to You Tube and found that I heard another couple songs.  I don't listen much to today's music anymore, or even music from the 2000s.

Train is an excellent group and I even am looking for a CD of their music.

Blues Traveler is an good band that I was familiar with, but they jam too much.  I figure that with a name like "Blues" that is to be expected.


Indy 500's Carb Day-- Part 3: Indy Lights Freedom 100 Race and the Pit Stop Challenge

The Indy 500 practice runs for an hour starting at 11 a.m..  Lots of stops are made to work on details and toward the end, they cars are actually racing.

At 12:30 p.m., we have the Indy Lights Freedom 100 Race, involving smaller Indy cars driven by young drivers who want to be Indy car drivers.  This involves 40 laps around the track.

Along with the running of the Indy cars one final time before the race (they don't practice on the Saturday before race day) there is also the Pit Stop Challenge.  This event was added in 1977.  Crews go through a full pit stop in practice and competition for the big race.

They work on the actual cars with the actual drivers who roar into the pit stop.  This, however, gets a bit boring after awhile so we usually go back to the RV for a bit, before returning for the concert.


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Indy 500's Carb Day-- Part 2: The "Shake Down"

But, the Indy 500 is steeped in tradition so even though no Indy cars had a carburetor since 1963, the name continues.

Carburetion Day was held on randomly selected  days the week before the big race.  It was not open to the public until the mid-1950s.

In 1969, it was held on Thursday and continued intl 2005 when it was moved to Friday.

Carb Day dives teams and drivers the opportunity to "shake down" their cars and make sure it is mechanically sound.


Monday, June 11, 2018

Indy 500's Carb Day-- Part 1: When a Carb is Not a Carb

From the May 25, 2018, Indianapolis Star "Why it's called Carb Day when Indy cars don't use carburetors" by Dawn Mitchell.

Carb Day at the Indy 500 is on the Friday before the race and is not about loading up on pasta, well perhaps the carbs in those beers.  It is actually about the race cars, but has grown into something a whole lot bigger.

We've been to the last  three Carb Days, now that the folks I go with are retired from teaching.  And, we had to overcome the objection of one person, but she now loves it.  This is a fun-filled day, costs $30 and is worth every bit of it in my estimation.

But, you do know that those race cars that will be tooling around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday in the Indy 500 do not have carburetors anymore.

More On That In the Next Post.  --RoadCarb