The Shamrock Court Motel in Sullivan, Missouri. It can be yours for $125,000. Lots of possibilities. Actually, now you're too late. Missouri's Roamin' Rich bought it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

101-Year-Old Pearl Harbor Survivor Will Be Attending the 80th Memorial Service

 From the December 5, 2021, CNN by Lauren M. Johnson.

Ike Schab, 101, told CNN that he was on a docked ship when the attack came.  "I don't remember seeing the Arizona getting hit, but I remember  being at the bow of our ship and a big tower of flame and debris came off her."

He has attended the ceremony a few times before, but this is most likely his last one.

Ira "Ike" Schab now lives in Aloha, Oregon, and arrived in Pearl Harbor back then on the destroyer tender USS Dobbin (AD-3) as a member of the U.S. Navy Band Unit 13 about 12 months before the attack.  He said that he couldn't find a job when he got out of high school and his father suggested to see what the Navy could do for him.

When asked if he could sum up his feelings  about what happened that day in one word, he said, "Terror."

The Department of veterans Affairs says that only 240,329  of the 16 million  Americans who served during World War II are still alive.

Monday, December 6, 2021

Doolittle, Mo., Welcomed James Doolittle Back in 1946

From the October 11, 2021, St. Louis (Mo.) Post-Dispatch  "Story of Doolittle's daring raid on Japan disappears over Doolittle, Missouri" by Jesse Bogan.

He was such a hero in those dark days after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  So much in fact, that a tiny town in Missouri renamed itself after him.  And, that town is right on Route 66.  But, over the years, that famous pilot and what he did  along with the excitement of Route 66 is gone, except for a small plaque that can easily be missed.

I remember the first time I drove through Doolittle, Missouri, on Route 66, that hey that's the same name as the famous WW II aviator.  I wonder if there is a connection.

A recent sampling of some of the town's 648 residents, including the mayor and others showed a definite lack of knowledge about the town's namesake.

It was James Doolittle who led that successful attack on the Japanese mainland just four months after Pearl Harbor.  It was a badly-needed shot in the arm for the waning United States prospects in the war.  The attack did not do much damage, but it was a national morale booster for the U.S. and a wake up call for Japan.


Sunday, December 5, 2021

Along66, Oct. 2021: More Neon Please and the Gardenway


Howdy Burger is the 31st sign to benefit from Tulsa's Route 66 Neon Sign grant.

It is on the 11th Street alignment of Route 66 at 1516 E. 11th Street.

As I have oft said, you can never have too much neon.



The rooftop letters have been taken down from the old Gardenway Motel in Villa Ridge, Missouri.

They, along with the structure were getting increasingly dilapidated.  Plans are to eventually display them at the forthcoming museum and visitor center at the Red Cedar Inn in nearby Pacific, Missouri,

The Gardenway Motel closed in 2014 after years of decline.  Two years ago, its front neon sign was taken down.  It was built in 1946 and apparently demolition is near.

We always enjoyed driving by this lace, but at least they are keeping those giant letters.


Friday, December 3, 2021

Congratulations to the Illinois High School 2021 Football Champions

They started 4 weeks ago with 256 teams and as of Saturday, that number was down to just the 8 Class Champions.

I spent a lot of time Friday (when Class 1A to Class 4A played) and Saturday (when Class 5A to Class 8A)  played at Northern Illinois' Huskie Stadium.


 Lena-Winslow  38  Carrolton  25


Wilmington  24  Nashville  7


Byron  35   Trinity Unity  7


Joliet Catholic Academy  56  Sacred Heart-Griffin  (Springfield)   27


Fenwick  (Oak Park)   34   Kankakee  15


Cary Grove (Cary)  37   East St. Louis  36      What a game!!


Wheaton North   35   St, Rita  (Chicago)  6


Lockport  24  Maine South  (Park Ridge)  6

Congratulations to both teams in each class who made it through the field of 32 in each class.


Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Along66, Oct. 2021: Few in Doolittle Remember Their Famous Namesake Visiting


Few in Doolittle, Missouri, remember their once-famous namesake visiting them 75 years ago.

Seventy-five years ago this month, famed World War II hero James Doolittle visited the town named for him just two years earlier.  This was a really bug deal and thousands attended the event at the time.

Doolittle's visit came on October 11, 1946.  In 1944, the town of Centertown became Doolittle (and on Route 66).

Doolittle's population today is just 648 and few living there know the origins of the name.

There is only a brass plaque in the community center about it.

I had heard it was named after him.  But the thing I remember the most about Doolittle is the very low speed limit through town, even though there is not much there to warrant such a low speed.


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Along66 Oct. 2021: Ed Debevic's in Chicago and the Old State Capitol in Springfield


Ed Debevic's Diner reopens at a new location in Chicago.  In the past, the place was famous for its 50s decor and surly waitstaff.  It has reopened in the Streeterville area after the previous one in River North was closed and demolished six years ago.

The old one wasn't on Route 66, but it was such a unique experience that many 66ers went there.

The original was opened in 1984 at 640 Wells Street.  The new one is at 159 E. Ohio.

We went there on several occasions and once with my nephew who had no idea about the waitstaff.  When she plopped down next to him and started yelling at him to make up his mind about the order, he just about crawled out of the booth.  I, of course, enjoyed this immensely.


The Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, has reopened for tours.   

Abraham Lincoln served in the legislature there and gave his famed "House Divided" speech there.


Monday, November 29, 2021

Route 66 Wins 2021 Illinois High School Football Showdown

The Championship games were played this past Friday and Saturday.

Out of 256 teams to start the playoffs, only 8 remain.

Route 66 wins by a 2-1 score.

Wilmington in 2A won their championships game vs. Nashville.

Joliet Catholic Academy won 4A over fellow Route 66 team Sacred Heart-Griffin of Springfield.

Since Joliet is also in the Lincoln Highway, Joliet Catholic also put a win in Lincoln Highway's corner.

Congratulations to Route 66.  --RoadDog

Saturday, November 27, 2021

More IHSA Championship Action Going On Today

Today will pit the two teams from the Top 4 classes in the state of Illinois.

 All games will be played in DeKalb at Huskie Stadium, Northern Illinois University.


Fenwick (11-2 vs. Kankakee  (13-0)


East St. Louis  (11-2) vs. Cary-Grove  (13-0)


Wheaton North (12-1)  vs. St. Rita (Chicago)  (11-2)


Lockport  (12-1)  vs. Maine South  (Park Ridge)  (12-1)

There was some good action yesterday for the Class 1A to Class 4A.


Friday, November 26, 2021

Hey, Route 66ers!! Five of the Sixteen Remaining Teams in the Illinois State High School Football Playoffs are on the Mother Road

Five out of sixteen teams, not too bad at all.

Playing today. we have Wilmington, the Home of the Gemini Giant playing for the Class 2A Championship at 1 pm.

Then, we have two teams on 66 playing for the Class 4A Championship, Joliet Catholic in Joliet, home of the Rialto Square Theatre and Springfield's Sacred Heart-Griffin.  Of course, Springfield is the home of Cozy Dog.


Tomorrow at 1 pm, we have East St. Louis and the nearby Cahokia Mounds.  They are Class 6A.

Then at 4, we have Chicago's St. Rita playing for Class 7A's Championship.  Home of famed  Lou Mitchell's.

When I have my Route 66 vs. Lincoln Highway, I do not include Chicago teams.


Illinois State High School Football Championships Have Begun Today

A month ago, 256 of the high school football teams with the best records for the 2021 season began play.  Today, just sixteen remain and by pairs they are playing for the championship in eight classes.

Going from Class 8A which are the schools with the highest number of students and going to Class 1A with the least.

The championship games are all being played at Huskie Stadium in DeKalb, Illinois, home of the Northern Illinois Huskies.  

Classes 1A to 4A are playing today, starting at 10 am and roughly every three hours after that.  Classes 5Ato 8A play tomorrow.

CLASS 1A      

Lena-Winslow (11-2) vs. Carrollton  (12-0)  Game start 10 am


Wilmington (13-0)  vs. Nashville  (12-1)    Game start 1 pm


Byron  (13-0)  vs  Tolono Unity  (13-0)   Game start 4 pm


Joliet Catholic Academy  (13-0)  vs.  Sacred Heart-Griffin (Springfield)  (13-1)   Game start 7 pm

I'll Be Watching.  --RoadFootBall

Along66, Oct. 2021: New Version '(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66' on Asleep at the Wheel's New Album Celebrating Their 50th Year


Asleep at the Wheel releases a new version of "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66" on their 50th anniversary album.  The album is called "Half of a Hundred Years" and is in honor of their 50th anniversary as a band, with Ray Benson the only mainstay over all those years.  

Road cruising music doesn't get any better than Asleep at the Wheel.  Like they say, "Western Swing Ain't Dead, It's Asleep at the Wheel."

And, of particular interest to 66ers, they have a new cut of the classic "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66" with Ray performing with early Wheel members Leroy Preston and Johnny Nicholas.

Asleep at the Wheel has now been playing longer than the Western Swing innovator who inspired them and that would be Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys.  Wills died in 1973 after performing for 44 years.

I am a huge Wheel fan and must have close to 15 of their CDs.  Of all the many, many versions of "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66," theirs is my favorite.

Wheelin' and Lovin' It.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Going Into IHSA Championship Weekend, Route 66 Has Commanding Lead Over the Lincoln Highway

The semifinal winners in all Illinois High School Association football teams will be playing each other in DeKalb, Illinois, at the NIU Huskies Stadium this Friday (Classes 1A to 4A) and Saturday (Class 5A to 8A).

Route 66 has a commanding 4-1 lead over Lincoln Highway.  And, actually the Lincoln Highway can only tie Route 66 at best because their only remaining team is Joliet Catholic, which is also on Route 66.

The four remaining Route 66 teams and their class:


East St. Louis


Joliet Catholic

Sacred Hear-Griffin (Springfield)

This means Route 66 is guaranteed a win at 4A since the two semi finalists are both on the road.



Good Luck Teams!!  Don't Freeze. Though.  --RoadDog

Northwest Highway (US-14) Wins the 2021 Rand Road-Northwest Highway Challenge

This past weekend, the last remaining high school football team on Rand Road (US-12) lost.  Richmond-Burton (where students in our subdivision go to school) lost to perennial powerhouse Joliet Catholic.

That means that US-14 won by 2-0.  Overall wins for the two roads since 2013 when I started the Showdown for them:

US-12  2 wins

US-14   5 wins

There was also one tie.  There were no playoffs in 2020 for some reason.

They have two teams remaining who will play in the IHSA (Illinois High School Association) state championship games this coming Saturday in DeKalb at Northern Illinois University's Huskie Stadium.


Maine South (Park Ridge)


Cary Grove

Good Luck to Those Two Teams!!  Keep the Titles in Our Area, Northwest Chicagoland.   --RoadDog

Monday, November 22, 2021

Along66, Oct. 2021: Restoration of a Cottage-Style Phillips 66 Station in Chandler, Ok.


New owners get busy restoring landmark Phillips 66 cottage-style station in Chandler, Oklahoma.

The new owners are Shane and Sara Massie.  The Westfall Station at 707 Manvel Avenue (Route 66) has a neat, multi-colored roof.  The owners also have an AirBnB site adjacent to the station.

It was Phillips Filling Station No. 1423 and was built in 1930 as a brick-cottage-style design station.

In 2011, Bill Fernau bought it and spent years restoring it.  

I don't remember seeing it, but I rarely miss a cottage-style station.


Along66, Oct. 2021: Gillioz Theatre in Springfield (Mo) Celebrates it 95th Year

These Along66 posts are taken from the Route 66 News site which has many more posts.  I just take the ones of most interest to me.  So for more information on each of my posts, and daily updates on out Mother Road, go to Route 66 News Blog.


Gillioz Theatre in Springfield, Missouri, marks its 95th year.

It was built by M.E. Gillioz for $300,000 and opened on October 11, 1926, with the film "Take It From Me"  (It was a silent film.) 

This was just about a month before the U.S. government officially certified Route 66.

It closed in 1979 and was listed on the NRHP in 1989 and reopened in 2006 after a multimillion-dollar renovation.  It was bought by Robert Low, owner of Prime Inc. trucking company in 2013.

I'm Sure Springfield Is So Happy They Kept This Magnificent Structure.  --RoadDog