Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Walk on the Lincoln Highway

From the April 20th South Bend, Indiana paper. "Local mayors, kids to join hiker on Lincoln Highway trek."

Goshen, Indiana, native Jeff Blair, 63, is walking the 170 mile width of the Lincoln Highway across the state. Today, the mayors of South Bend and Mishawaha as well as school kids will be joining him. He is doing the walk to raise money for the Lincoln Highway Association of Indiana and Alzheimer's. The road goes through both cities.

Mishawa Mayor Dave Wood will meet Blair at the intersection of Lincoln Highway East and Blueberry at 9 am and will walk with Twin Branch fourth graders from there to Capital Avenue where they will be joined by third graders from Beiger Elementary School and walk to Byrkit Street. Hey, anything to get out of class!!

Then, Blair, who is traveling west to east and has picked some of the worst weather in the Midwest's recent history to do his walk, will continue into South Bend where Mayor Stephen Luecke and members of the Indiana Lincoln Highway Association will meet him at the Lincoln Highway historical marker at the southwest corner of Michigan and Washington streets where Blair will make a presentation.

Luecke will then walk with Blair on Washington, then north on Lafayette Blvd and out of the city on LaSalle/Lincolnway.

He started the walk on April 14th, the exact day that weather in the Midwest went from bad to worse.

You can follow his walk at

I Sure Wouldn't Want to Be Walking Out There Right Now. --RoadDog

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