Monday, April 25, 2011

Statistics for Catoosa's Blue Whale

From the Gadget Blog for CNet.

So, you've always wanted a big blue whale in your yard or swimming pool. If your subdivision association will let you have it, here's what you'll need:

2,650 feet of rod
1,179 feet of two-inch steel pipe
100 feet of one-inch pipe
2,520 square feet of plaster lathe
125 bags of concrete mix
19.5 square yards of Redi-Mix concrete
19,400 lbs crushed stone
15 tons sand
2,454 linear feet of wood
20 pounds of nails
along with assorted tubing and valves

Mix thoroughly and place in pre-heated oven for fifteen days (just kidding).

Back in the 1970s, this would cost $3000. Plus, you'd need to find a friend willing to donate 100 hours of welding time. It will take about two years to make it.

These stats were from Hugh Davis who built the famous Blue Whale in Catoosa, Oklahoma from 1970-1972.

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