Saturday, November 29, 2014

Indian Link to Route 66-- Part 2

Virginia Salazar-Halfmoon is coordinating the project for the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association said foreign visitors and even some American tourists along the route still expect to find Indians wearing headdresses and living in teepees (and you can see those at some of the Indian trading posts.  But, she wants them to know that these were unique nations and each has a different story to tell of their history with Route 66.

During the next year, they plan to produce a guidebook using federal grant money that will highlight significant tribal sites along the road.  It will also include stories of how communities were affected by the commerce which came along with the traffic.

Representatives from the Park Service and American Indian Center of Chicago participated in the Wednesday meeting to kick off the project.  Also officials from the Acomo and Zuni pueblos in New Mexico, the Cherokee and several other tribes attended.

Many talked about the roue's role in the federal government's Indian relocation program of the 1950s and the migration of many Indian children to boarding schools.


Indian Link to Route 66-- Part 1

From the Nov. 23, 2014, Goldsboro (NC) News-Argus, AP.

Lesser known story of Native Americans' link to route being told.

"Greasy diners, big-finned Cadillacs, mom-and-pop souvenir shops, dusty trading posts and the promise of the West were undoubtedly part of the recipe that made historic Route 66--  America's Mother Road--  famous."

The lesser-known story, however, are the more than 24 American Indian tribes impacted along its 2,400 miles stretch from Chicago to California.  These tribes are now reaming up with a tourism group and the National Park Service to tell their Route 66 story.

Their whole way of life was disrupted for better or worse.

The groups also hope to dispel long-held stereotypes.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cold Ahead, N.C. 2014 Trip-- Part 3: "Heat Wave" More WJEZ and Less WHHP

It was 15 degrees when I left Spring grove this morning.  And, it had risen to a "balmy" 25 degrees by the time I got to Dwight, on good old Route 66.  There were flashing lights on at the railroad crossing where Route 66 and Il.-47 split.  I waited awhile. but saw nothing coming so, like everyone else, proceeded carefully through it.  I have seen a train hit a car before and sure gained a new respect for train crossings.  As such, the folks behind me weren't happy, but I don't take chances.

As I drove through Dwight, WJEZ put on a great Route 66 tune, the Eagles' "Take It Easy."  You know, "Standing On the Corner in Winslow, Arizona."

WJEZ has live deejays, which I like as I am no big fan of the "canned music" so many stations use instead of real folks.

Further south on Il-47. I tuned into 98.1 FM. WHHP, another favorite that features blues and Americana music out of Farmer City, Illinois.  Sadly, it is now WHP and a classic rock station and it sounds like it is probably canned.  I like classic rock, but we sure lost a unique station.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cold Ahead: N.C. T-Giving Trip 2014-- Part 2: WJEZ and DeKalb Corn

November 20, 2014:

Gas prices continued to fall as I drove south on Illinois Highway 47.  Gas at Stark's Corner and the Mobil station on Il=38 in Elburn are usually the highest along Il-47, which is expensive in the northern stretch of Il.-47.  Gas at Stark's was $3 and Elburn was actually $2.97!!

Yorkville's stretch of 47 is still torn up with a major road construction project.  It took considerably longer to get through it as I was stuck behind a truck.  It sure will be nice when they get it finished, but right now, it is absolutely no fun.

South of Yorkville, I began picking up WJEZ in Pontiac, 98.9 FM.  I enjoyed hearing a commercial for DeKalb Corn.  This is our corn company since it used to be based in DeKalb, Illinois, home of Northern Illinois University where we went to school.  We always enjoy seeing those signs out in the fields.  For some reason, they used to disappear from those fields back in our school days.  We have a sign in our garage, but it was one I bought from the company.  I never took one.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cold Ahead: 2014 N.C. T-Giving Trip-- Part 1: Huntley's Mean Old Main Street Stoplight


Early leaving by 7 a.m..  I usually don't get off until after 10, but now with these very short days, I like to maximize my daylight driving hours,  Driving at night is getting harder to see things,

I had to scrape off the truck windows as it was outside so I could put the '11 Malibu in the garage so I wouldn't have to scrape it.  Temperature this morning is a balmy 12 degrees with wind making it even worse.  Feels like mighty cold for all this Global Blah Blah Blah.

Took Il-120 to Il-47 as usual.  This is part of my avoid Chicago route.

Blinded by the rising sun if look to the east.

Easy drive until Huntley, Illinois, and all of its many, many, many stoplights.  The one at Main Street has particularly been a nemesis for me over all these many years as it is almost impossible not to get stopped by it.  Several years back, there was a huge amount of construction on this stretch of Illinois Highway 47 through town because of the huge growth that has occurred since Dell Webb's Sun City was built.

As usual, this mean old stoplight caught me again and, believe me, it is a really long wait.  I have been driving this way to DeKalb since 1976 and can only remember perhaps making it through this light maybe two or three times without a lengthy wait.

Gas in Woodstock and Huntley at $3 a gallon.

Passing over the I-90 Tollway (lots of tollways around Chicago), I saw a truck with four or five boats stacked upright on it going under the bridge.  Is it that time of the year again?  I sure do wish it was.

YOU Will Wait and Wait At that Doggone Light.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Was Haddonfield, Illinois on Route 66? Halloween's Michael Myers Hometown

I recorded and watched the six "Halloween" movies AMC had on TV during the week of Halloween.

When I got to the sixth movie "Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers" I had to back the VHS up when I saw a map of the Haddonfield area.  It was what I thought it was.  There was a map at the bus station showing Haddonfield and its surrounding towns.  To one side was Dwight and the other was Pontiac.  I also saw Joliet and Gardner nearby.

That would be nowhere else but Illinois' Livingston County.

Haddonfield would be about where Odell is.

That means, Route 66!!!  I didn't know that.  I'd always figured the town was somewhere south of Springfield.

A Route 66 Connection.  --RoadDog

Shorpy's Take on Those Old Cars

From the Shorpy old photograph website

9-28-14:  Grant Six: 1920--  touring car.

9-25-14  Blazing Buick: 1922

9-24-14--  Jacked Up 1919:  Studebaker with an interesting way to work on the under carriage.

9-10-14--  Self-Service: 1920.  Washington, D.C., 1920.   Man filling his car with gas.

9-9-14--  Filtered Gasoline:1920.  Another shot of the previous photo.

Worth a Look If You Like Old Cars and Gas Stations.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bicoastal Buick: 1929

From the Oct. 3, 2014, Shorpy blog."Coast-to-Coast Buick, 1907, on San Francisco's Auto Row on Van Ness Avenue and California Street in 1929."  Evidently at the end of its jaunt.  Of all the marques shown at the dealers: Buick, Graham-Page, Pontiac and Oakland, only Buick remains.

And, today, according to their commercials, people don't even know what a Buick looks like anymore.

The photo shows a man in a suit shaking hands with the car's driver.

COMMENT:  Driving a 22-year-old Brass Era auto across the continent was a very noteworthy event in 1929.  He doubts that driving a 1992 Buick from New York City to San Francisco would be as impressive a feat today.

COMMENT: Noticed the guy had parked the Buick on a sidewalk.

COMMENT:  Started in 1907, finished in 1929.  Not so impressive.

When you look at the Shorpy photos, make sure to enlarge them and definitely read the comments.


Music for the Road

I'm getting ready to make that long drive to North Carolina and have picked several CDs for cruising down the road.


JUST AS I AM--  Brantley Gilbert

DISCO ANTHEMS-- a 3 CD/60 song effort.  I know some of the songs, bit there are a whole lot I don't like "Searching" by Change; "Weekend" by Phreek;"Get On Up" by Freddie James and "I Surrender" by Voyage.


STATE OF CONFUSION--  Kinks  I already liked the Kinks for their 60s greats, but have been buying  other  CDs of them.  4 bonus tracks.

BEST OF BADFINGER--  A Canadian CD.  21 songs.

Cruisin' and Listnin'.  --RoadDog

Monday, November 17, 2014

Route 66 Continues to Lead 2014 IHSA 66-Lincoln Highway Showdown

Here at the end of Round 4, and nearing the end, Route 66 continues to hold on to a 3-1 lead over Lincoln Highway.

Remaining for Route 66:

5A  Sacred Heart-Griffin (Springfield)

3A Wilmington and Williamsville

Remaining for Lincoln Highway:

7A  Providence Catholic (New Lenox)

May the Best Road Win.  --RoadDog

Road Music-- Part 6: Turn Blue-- Black Keys

And, you get a giant folded poster of the album cover tucked inside the CD cover.

I didn't much care for many of the songs upon first listen, only the ones I'd heard before on WXRT like "Fever."  But, after listening to it several times, I like all of the songs.  Definitely a grow-on-you CD by a band that continues to grow and surprise.  (I was surprised to see the group has only two members.)

I especially liked "Bullet in the Brain."


Road Music-- Part 5: Kinda Kinks

Second studio album released by the band and was completed and released in just two weeks.  Featured the song "So Tired of Waiting for You."  You can hear the American R&B influence on many of the tracks,.  Fifteen tracks, but rearranged on American release.

Most of the songs written by Ray Davies.

Great harmonies.

"So Long" would be a great closing song.  "Something better Beginning" could easily have been another hit.  Did a great cover of "Dancing in the Streets."


Road Music-- Part 4: Unorthodox Jukebox-- Bruno Mars

Kind of the new Michael Jackson.  This was the fourth-biggest-selling album of 2013.  definitely has a unique voice.  This was his econd studio album, released in 2012.

Big hits so far from it: Locked Out of Heaven (#1 for six weeks)  Treasure (#5) and "When I Was Your Man #1.

Bruno Mars sings this in many different styles from reggae, rock, disco and soul.

Like many young artists, he gets quite explicit in some of his lyrics.  The album cover features a gorilla and one of his songs is "Gorilla" where he makes love like a gorilla.  He used one m-f word.

I especially liked "If I Know" which unfortunately was just 2:13 long.  "Show Me" was a reggae dub.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Road Music-- Part 3: Joe Nichols Greatest Hits

I have to have some country when cruising down the road.  This was it.

Joe Nichols bridges the gap between today's "Bro'" country male performers and the much older ones.   performers out these days,  has had seven albums and fourteen Top Ten singles.  His first album, self-titled was Joe Nichols in 1996.

All of his top hits are here, including #1s: Broken Heartsville, Tequila makes her Clothes Fall Off and Gimme That Gin.

I especially liked his "What's a Guy Gotta Do," "Size Matters" and "It Ain't No Crime."  These hit #14, #7 and #16 respectively.

As Joe Says in Broken Heartsville, "Here's to the Past, They Can Kiss My Glass."  Though, I doubt he sings those exact words in concert.


Will Bradley: Trombonist and Bandleader

From Wikipedia.

I mentioned him in yesterday's post.

He was born Wilbur Schwictenbery and was known as one of the premier trombonists on the New York swing scene.

He and Ray McKinley were known for their boogie woogie beat and made the Billboard Top Ten with "Down the Road a Piece.

In 1942, he joined the U.S. Army and played in Glenn Miller's band.  After the war, he was a studio musician for many years and was in the Tonight Show Band during the Johnny Carson era.


Ray McKinley: Jazz Drummer, Singer and Bandleader

From Wikipedia.

I mentioned a couple songs he had ion the Rock 'n' Roll: The Early Years 2 CD I reviewed yesterday.


Was good friends with Glenn Miller and joined the Dorsey Brothers in 1934.  After the brothers split, he remained with Jimmy Dorsey until 1939 when he joined Will Bradley and they had their biggest hit "Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar" which they recorded in early 1940.

He was referred to as "Eight Beat Mack" in the song "Down the Road a Piece.

In 1956, he was chosen as the leader of the revived Glenn Miller Band.


Road Music-- Part 2: Elton John's Madman Across the Water

Continuing With CDs I listened to going to and returning from North Carolina this past summer.

Only three songs could be considered really big from Elton John's 1971 effort:  Tiny Dancer #41, Levon #24 and the title track.  I was fairly unfamiliar with most of the rest of them.  "Razor Face" reminded me a lot of "Levon."  "Indian Sunrise" was about Indians.

Of interest, when I looked up Elton John in Joel Whitburn's "Top Pop Singles 1955-1993" John was listed right next to Billy Joel except for a 1992 band named Joe Public (must have had something to do with alphabetical, you know).

Wikipedia said it was Elton's fourth studio album with the title song originally supposed to be on the previous album, Tumbleweed Connection.  "Madman Across tghe Water" was written for John's friend Long John Baldry.  On its release, the album was almost ignored in England.

There were only nine songs on the album except "Goodbye (at 1:48) were over four minutes long and three: Tiny Dancer, Madman Across the Water and Indian Summer were over six minutes.

I especially like "Holiday Inn" and "Peaches."


Friday, November 14, 2014

Road Music 2014 Summer N.C. Trip-- Part 1: Rock 'n' Roll: The Early Years 2

Since I am getting ready to hit the road again next week, it is time to write about my ride-along tunes from this past summer.  I listen to various radio stations and to CDs I select to bring along.


This is part of a four separate  CD (I only saw three though) set I bought at Half Price books, always a very expensive place for me to enter.  Way too many things of major interest for me, and, even better, nicely priced.

The songs in this set cover probably the late 40s to early 50s and is put out by Signature Records of England, Australia and New Zealand.  Interesting music, though some of it is decidedly inferior recordings.  Also, there were no dates or pertinent information given.

The artists:

LOUIS PRIMA:  4 songs.  I especially liked "Bourbon Street Blues" about all the good times you can have there

LIONEL HAMPTON:  4 songs.  All instrumentals with that good old boogie woogie feel.

BILLY PENROSE:  4 songs  all instrumentals.  I especially liked "Billy's Boogie."

WILL BRADLEY/RAY McKINLEY:  2 songs of very poor sound quality included.  But I especially liked their "Scrub Me Mama, With a Boogie Beat."  I will write about these two men in an upcoming post.

TOMMY DORSEY:  4 songs.  His "Boogie Woogie" is a classic.

SUGAR CHILE ROBINSON:  2 songs.  "Bouncing Ball Boogie" is a great one about a kid singing about basketball.

Rock Before the Rock As We Know It.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

California State Automobile Association Signs, 1925

From the October 24, 2014, Shorpy site: "Circa 1925: Man pointing at California State Automobile Association signage."

"Woman with pennant reciting, 'Boost the Redwood Highway.'"  A souvenir from the early days of motoring, when signage was a do-it-yourself affair, with routes marked and mapped by automobile clubs.

The top sign reads, with arrow pointing to the left, "Garberville 39 5/10, Dyerville 70, Eureka 117."

Bottom sign reads, with arrow pointing left, "Bell Springs 12, Harris 24  Willits 38.

A comment says that the photo was taken at or near the intersection of Bell Springs Road and the current US-101 (Redwood Highway) about ten miles north of Laytonville.

The state of our roads before the U.S. Highway System was superinposed on the existing routes.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vietnam Veterans Memorial to Be Dedicated Today in McHenry, Illinois

I will be at the dedication today at 10 a.m. at Veterans Park in McHenry.  It is being placed to honor the lives of four McHenry High School graduates who gave their lives in the Vietnam War.

Carter Freund, Class of '64
James Ambrose III, Class of '64
Glenn Davis, Class of '64
John Granath, Class of '67

The Vietnam War was my generation's war, so this especially means something to me.

College Station, Texas, to Add Civil War Memorial to Veterans Park

The city already has eight statues to commemorate service in various wars, but none to the Civil War until now.

Some 90% of the money needed has already been raised, $72,000, and they memorial is expected to be dedicated on April 9, 2015, the 150th anniversary of Lee's surrender at Appomattox.

Today, 133 new names are going to be added to the park's Wall of Honor listing service men and women form the area.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Route 66 Takes a 6-4 Lead Over the Lincoln Highway Into Round Three

These Route 66 high schools are still standing going into the third round of the IHSA Football  Playoffs for 2014:

8A:  Bolingbrook

6A:  East St. Louis

5A:  Sacred Heart-Griffin (Springfield)

4A: Central Catholic (Bloomington)

3A: Wilmington and Williamsville

I did find one more Lincoln Highway team that I had overlooked, Newman Catholic in Sterling.

7A  Geneva, Lincoln-Way East (Frankfort) and Providence Catholic (New Lenox)

4A: Newman Catholic (Sterling)

So, Route 66 takes a 6-4 lead into the third round this weekend.


U.S. 14 Beats U.S. 12 in Illinois IHSA Football Playoffs

This competition between high schools located along the two roads in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs goes to last teams standing.

The two teams shared by the two roads, Palatine and St. Viator both lost their second round games.

The two remaining are both U.S. 14 (Northwest Highway) schools: Barrington and Marian central (Woodstock).

As such, i am declaring U.S. 14 the winner for the 2014 competition.

Way to Go Northwest Highway.  --RoadDog

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Shorpy Classic Extinct Vehicles-- Part 2

10-27-14  TO BUILD A FIRE: 1920--  Briscoe automobile at a camp site (perhaps early motel?)

10-28-14 BRING THE KIDS: 1917--  Jordan Touring Car on a nicely-paved street.

10-29-14  LUXURY CAR: 1917--  Jordan Touring Car on a really bad road.

10-31-14  TRAILBLAZERS: 1917--  Jordan Touring Car on a really bad road.

11-4-14  FLIVVER JORDAN: 1917--  Jordan Touring Car on a really bad road.

11-5-14  CUSTOM CHASIS: 1923--  Bathing beauty on the grill of a 1920s Peerless Touring Car.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Shorpy's Classic Extinct Automobiles-- Part 1

This last month the Shorpy photo website has been running lots of pictures of Extinct Automobiles from the 1920s.  As always, great resolution and you can blow up the photo for some unbelievable details.  Make sure to read the comments as well.

Many of the photos clearly show how bad roads were back then unless you were in a city.

These are some of the photos with type of car.  All dates are for 2014.

10-6: SLEEPS TWO: 1920:  Chalmers Touring Car
10-9:  BATTERED BUROUCHE: 1921: Studebaker

10-12:  READY TO RUMBLE: 1928:  1928 Hudson with a man in the rumble seat.
10-15:  CLOSE FRIENDS: 1920:  San Francisco.  Oldsmobile Coupe

10-20: L.A. TO YOSMITE: 1920:  May 1920. Yosmite National Park.  "Prize Cup Fourth Annual AAA Economy Run, Los Angeles to Camp Curry.  Overland Car.

10-21: MR. RIGHT: 1920:  Oldsmobile Touring Car


Road Work Ahead-- Part 35: Home

Listening to WJEZ, I heard a commercial which explained something I've been wondering about the last several years.  While going around Normal-Bloomington, Illinois, I have been seeing a sign showing an exit for a place called the Corn Crib.  I found out that was a ballpark where a Frontier League minor league team called the Corn Belters play.  I found out the stadium opened in 2010 and seats 7,000.

When on Route 66, I always bypass Bloomington-Normal as these towns do not appreciate their Route 66 heritage.

Further north, I lost WJEZ reception and found a Polish language and music station at 99.9 FM.

It took forever to get through Huntley because I was fortunate to hit every one of the considerable number of stoplights just as they turned red.

Arrived home today on August 1, 2014.  Drove 380.5 miles today and 2136.2 for the whole trip.  The odometer now reads 30,542 mostly highway miles.

Always Good to get Home.  --RoadDog

Missouri's Route 66-- Part 5

West of Carthage is The 66 Drive-in Theatre, built in 1949 and on the NRHP.  It is the last of six drive-ins along the road named for Route 66.

WEBB CITY--  As stated earlier, this is where the miners who made the millionaires in Carthage rich lived.  In 1916, a trolley was built by the Southwest Missouri Electric Railroad to take the workers to the mines.  It is still running.

There is also a 32-foot-high praying hands statue created 36 years ago.

JOPLIN-  The mines made Joplin a boomtown and a wild one at that.  The City Hall has a mural by Thomas Hart Benton depicting its lawless history.  A second mural by his grandson shows Joplin in its Route 66 days.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow had a shootout in town in an apartment in 1933 but left a camera behind and the authorities had pictures of them for the first time.  Some of the photos are at the Joplin Museum
Complex at 504 S. Schifferdecke Avenue.

As I Said, My Favorite Route 66 State.  --RoadDog

Missouri's Route 66-- Part 4

SPRINGFIELD--  Claims to be the birthplace of Route 66.  Where it was first proposed on April 30. 1926.  Recommends a breakfast of stuffed oatmeal or eggs at Gailey's Cafe, a 1930s diner at 220 E. Walnut Street.  On St. Louis Street, there is a Steak 'N Shake in its 1962 design and sign.  Also, the Best Western Rail Haven Motel.  Refurbished to reflect its glory days from the 50s.

CARTHAGE--  The Jasper County Court House is built of Carthage stone from 1894-1895.  At the time the city had more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in the United States because of lead and zinc deposits in the area.  They wanted a courthouse to reflect their wealth.

It has three and 20 Victorian mansions.  The mine owners lived in Carthage.  The miners lived in Webb City.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Missouri's Route 66-- Part 3

Not far from Cuba is Fanning's U.S. 66 Outpost general Store which features the world's largest rocking chair, clocking in at 42-feet 1 inch.

ROLLA--  The Totem Pole Trading Post at 1413 Martin Springs Drive, old Route 66, claims to be the oldest business on Route 66 that is still operating.  A classic tourist trap if there ever was one.  Then there is that huge sign.

DEVIL'S BEND--  The Elbow Inn & BBQ is a classic bikers' bar on a bypassed section of Route 66 by Hooker Cut.  This stretch of 66 is my favorite drive on all of Route 66.

LEBANON--  The local K-Mart has been converted into the town library and the Route 66 Museum and Research Center at 915 S. Jefferson Avenue.  They have 2,000 to 3,000 visitors a month during the tourist season.  Then, of course, there is the Munger-Moss Motel.  A real classic.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Road Work Ahead, N.C. Summer 2014 Trip-- Part 34: Another Good Radio Station

I have another station I like to listen to around Pontiac, Illinois.  It is WJEZ now at 98.9 FM.  Their trade is with oldies, and not always the same-old, same-old ones played to death on some oldies stations.  They dig deep.  Even better, they always have deejays at the helm, none of that canned stuff like on so many small stations.

This drive-by, i heard them play "Pretty Blue Eyes" by Steve Lawrence.  I'd never heard the song before.  I looked it up and it went to #9 on Billboard's Top 100 in early 1960.

While I had the station on the radio, they played the top five songs from 1961: #5 Quarter to Three, #3 Tossing and Turning, #2 Hats Off to Larry and #1 was Michael by the Highwaymen.  I missed #4.  They also played a song by Danny Hutton from 1966 called "Big Bright Eyes."  This was before he became one of the lead singers of Three Dog Night.  Looking him up, I see that he was a studio singer for Hanna-Barbara Productions.

When you can cruise down the road and hear a song you've never heard of before (and it is a really good one like this) and find out it was before he was with Three Fog Night, WOW!!

I was able to pick up WJEZ from quite a ways south of Pontiac to Yorkville.

Cruisin' and Tunin'.  --RoadDog

Route 66ers Can Tour Chicago's Union Station-- Part 2

Docents conduct the tours and focus in part on the architecture of the building which was designed by Daniel Burnham and finished in 1925, after his death.

Of course, the most impressive place in the structure is the beau-arts-style Great Hall which was very modern for its time period.  It has 18 Corinthian columns, pink marble floors and a five-story-high atrium with sun coming in from the skylight.

It is impressive to say the least.

It was the site for many World War II farewells.

As Windy City Road Warrior Dave Clark likes to point out, Union Station's location by the Chicago River and Route 66 shows the growth of Chicago due to the various modes of transportation.

The tours meet at Union Station, 500 W. Jackson Blvd at 1 p.m. on Nov. 9, 23, Dec. 14 and 21, Jan. 25 and Feb. 22.  Cost is $25 ( $20 for history museum members.


The Toronto Star's Trip on 66 Blog

Canada's Toronto Star is taking a trip on Route 66 this week and just posted Day 2 where they drove from Cuba, Missouri, to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They had to drive from Miami, Oklahoma, to Tulsa in the dark, though, so missed a lot of neat stuff.  (At night, I get off Route 66 except through towns as you really can't see much.)

The day before, they did a quick drive through Illinois to Cuba (also a mistake).  Most recently, they drove through Devil's Elbow and were impressed with the four lane stretch through Hooker Cut (which is my absolute favorite part of Route 66).

They weren't too impressed with Kansas, but did take a picture of "Mater" in Galena, but made no mention of the "Four Women on the Route" business. They were less impressed with Galena, but say it is making a comeback.

Check It Out.  --RoadDog

Missouri's Route 66-- Part 2

Suggested stops:

TED DREWE'S FROZEN CUSTARD in Sr. Louis for the concretes or anything ice creamy.  Since 1929.  Don't let the long lines deter you.  They are very fast.  6726 Chippewa Sr.

MUSEUM OF TRANSPORTATION in at 2967 Barrett Street.  You can see part of the original famous Coral Courts Motel and a jalopy much like that which the Joad family might have driven to the "Promised Land." in the movie "Grapes of Wrath."  It was Steinbeck who first called 66 "The Mother Road."

MERAMEC CAVERNS in Stanton  One of 66's oldest attractions with lots and lots and lots of signs on the way including on barns.  They used to give away/place bumper stickers on your vehicle.

MURALS in Cuba which bills itself as "Mural City."  There are twelve and the town once boasted as having the only stoplight between St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri.  One mural is painted on a 1932 filling station.  Bette Davis came to Cuba in 1948 with a gentleman friend.  A local reporter snapped their picture and the "friend" gave chase."  ( I didn't know about these two things.)

WAGON WHEEL MOTEL in Cuba.  On NRHP and oldest continually operating motel on the road.  It has just been spiffed up.  (We still want to stay there as we once did before its spiffing up and tat was quite an  experience.)

My Favorite Route 66 Stretch Is Missouri.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Teams Still Standing in the Route 66-Lincoln Highway Football Showdown


Waubonsie Valley

St. Charles North
Providence Catholic
Lincoln-Way East

Lincoln-Way West

Rich East
Joliet Catholic




Normal Community

Normal Community West
East St. Louis

Sacred Heart-Griffin
Joliet Catholic

Central Catholic


Getting Ready for Week Two.  --RoadDog

Route 66-Lincoln Highway Football Showdown: After Round One, It's a Tie!

Going into last weekend's action, Lincoln Highway had a five team advantage over Route 66, 21-16.   But now it is even with both roads having 11 teams remaining.

On the Lincoln Highway, teams from Matea Valley, Joliet West, Plainfield East Lincoln-Way North, Plainfield North, Lincoln-Way Central, Batavia, Marmion Acedemy, Aurora Central Catholic and Aurora Christian dropped out.

Route 66 lost Joliet West, Plainfield East, Plainfield North, Springfield Southeast, Normal University.

Nexr, the Remaining Teams.  --RoadDog

Route 66ers Can Tour Chicago's Union Station-- Part 1

From the November 2, 2014, Chicago Tribune "Next Stop: Union Station" by Nancy Maes.

Most people going through Chicago's Union Station or on their way to somewhere else, but now you can actually take a tour of it on the Chicago History Museum's walking tour.

This walking tour grew out of the museum's :Railroaders" exhibit which runs through August 15, 2015.  It displays photos by Jack Delano who was commissioned in 1942 by the World War Ii's Office of War Information to document the role of the railroads in American life (and especially the war effort).

I have come across a lot of his photos on the Shorpy old picture site.

Public programs coordinator Ani Schmidt helped develop the tour and said "there are a lot of images of Union Station in the exhibit and we wanted to make them come alive."

More to Come.  --RoadDog

Road Work Ahead, 2014 N.C. Trip- Part 33: Oh No, Beautiful Music

I must admit to feeling that I need to tune away from WHHP FM (blues, bluegrass and Americana music) out of Farmer City, Illinois, these days to listen to 106.3 WGCY out of Gibson City. I have been doing this the last several times after driving by the station.  They say they play "Beautiful Music" something I'm not too keen on, but, so help me, I sure enjoy it now.  Must be an age thing.

They played the not-so-beautiful "Louie, Louie," but then, there I was sing along to "Guantanamera" and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix."  And the last one was one of those light strings arrangements. I'm doing that right now for some reason, despite listening to the Drive's A to Z on 97.1 FM right now.

Then came "Come to Me Baby" by the Beach Boys and "Rhinestone Cowboy," this time by the real Glen Campbell.

This is a weak station and I was soon out of range and went back to WHHP.  And, you'd sure expect to hear a show like the Mid-Day Farm Market Report out of a radio station in Farmer City.

Continuing north I saw all of the windmills at the huge wind farm by Odell were stopped.  I've never seen them all stopped at once.

Tunes and the Road Just Go Together.  --RoadDog

Monday, November 3, 2014

US-12-US-14 IHSA Showdown: US-14 Clinches At Least a Tie

The results from the first weekend are in and US-14 has clinched at least a tie for champion in thsi contest.

The US-12 teams of Fremd, Hersey, Lake Zurich and Richmond-Burton all lost.

The US-14 teams Fremd, Hersey, Prairie Grove and Crystal Lake Central lost as well.

That leaves 4 US-14 teams to 2 US-12 teams still standing.  And, two of each's teams are in the other one's bracket as well: Palatine and St. Viator.

US-14 TEAMS still in the running:


Marian Central
St. Viator

US-12 TEAMS remaining:


St. Viator

If Barrington and Marian Central lose, it will be a tie between the two roads.

Tomorrow I will give the Route 66-Lincoln Highway standings.

Football in My Neighborhood.  --RoadDog

Road Work Ahead, N.C. Summer 2014 Trip-- Part 32: Snappy Lunch and Skyline Chili

Leaving Goldsboro, N.C., on July 31, 2014, the odometer stood at 29,508 miles and 1,102.5 miles for the trip with a 31.4 mpg.  Drove US-70, I-40, US-52, I-77, US-33 and I-70 today.

I drove 653 miles that day, stopping at Snappy Lunch in Mt. Airy (Mayberry), N.C., for one of those unbelievably good pork chop sandwiches.

Listening to my tunes on CD and various radio stations..

Stopped at another favorite, Skyline Chili, on the Columbus, Ohio,  bypass for dinner.

Arrived in the dark at Richmond, Indiana, right on the Ohio border off I-70.  Stayed at the Motel 6 again.

AUGUST 1st:  Listening to the radio and now in Illinois heading north on Il-47, my way to avoid the Chicago hassle.

Had breakfast of champions, Sliders, in Indiana, but why the White Castles in this state (or at least along I-70) only have Diet Caffeine-free Coke and don't have the great Dusseldorf mustard is beyond me.

I Lost Count of How Many Miles of Road Construction I Had to Endure.  --RoadDog

Missouri's Route 66-- Part 1

From the September 5, 2010, Chicago Tribune by Katherine Rodriguez.

If I had to pick my favorite Route 66 state, I'd have to go with the stretch in this state.  This would be followed by Oklahoma and Illinois.

"Route 66, Something of a ghost, the highway still provides plenty to see in Missouri."  It was replaced by Interstate-44 and decommissioned in the 1980s.  But, even so, it remains a marked road, just look for the Historic Route 66 signs.

When we first drove it back in 2002, the signage wasn't very good compared to that in Illinois, but it was still the second best compared to all the rest.Missouri's Route 66 goes through cities, rural areas, farmlands, and, of course, those wonderful rolling Ozarks.

For the most part it parallels I-44, even under the interstate at times.  From St. Louis to Joplin, it runs 260-317 miles if you count the spurs.

Mire to Come.  --RoadDog

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trippin' to 1969, A Really Good Year-- Part 2

JINGO--  Santana
SUITE: JUDY BLUE EYES-- Crosby, Stills & Nash
OH WELL, PART 1--  Fleetwooc Mac
SOMETHING--  Beatles

IT'S YOUR THING--  Isley Brothers
BADGE--  Cream  (No more Jack Bruce)
CRIMSON AND CLOVER--  Tommy James & the Shondells
SPACE COWBOY--  Steve Miller

SAINT STEPHEN--  Grateful Dead
25 MILES--  Edwin Starr
SOMETHING IN THE AIR--  Thunderclap Newman

ROCK ME BABY--  Steppenwolf  (Another Palatine High School Senior Lounge jukebox favorite.)
TOUCH ME--  Doors  (I remember hearing this song and the album Soft Parade in a Lincoln Hall 3A Floor dorm room across the hall.  The student had a new stereo with conical speakers.)
MIDNIGHT RAMBLER--  Rolling Stones

Listening to Songs on the Dorm Floor and Playing Hearts Most of the Night.  --RoadDog

Tripping to 1969: A Real Good Year -- Part 1

I graduated from Palatine High School back in 1969 and started freshman year at NIU.

WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback show to 1969 with Wendy Rice.  Bringing back lots of memories.

The Playlist:

I'M FREE--  Who
HELPLESSLY HOPING--  Crosby, Stills & Nash
EVERYDAY PEOPLE--  Sly & the Family Stone

HEY BULLDOG--  Beatles
FREEDOM--  Richie Havens
WHITE BIRD--  It's a Beautiful Day

GIMME SHELTER--  Rolling Stones
ROOM TO MOVE--  John Mayall
TIME IS TIGHT--  Booker T. & the M.G.s

SHE CAUGHT THE KATY--  Taj Mahal--  I never heard this song before the "Blues Brothers" movie.
I CAN'T GET NEXT TO YOU--  Temptations
FORTUNATE SON--  Creedence Clearwater Revival

Four Hours in the Wayback Machine.  --RoadDog

A Piece of Route 66 Comes Back to Life, and Just in Time for Halloween

The turnaround for Williams, Arizona, began a short five years later when the Grand Canyon railway began offering passenger train service between Williams and the South Rim of the canyon, 60 miles away.  Tourists began flocking to the town to take the train and to see a piece of the legendary road..  Local gift shops and restaurants began opening in the abandoned buildings.

One famous one is Twisters at 417 E. Route 66, an old-fashioned soda fountain where you can get a root beer float made with the Route 66 brand of root beer.

The former Santa Fe railroad depot now houses a visitor center where one exhibit notes that the last of many thousand stop lights along Route 66 stood right outside the place.

And, there are quite a few old Route 66 motels to stay in (as well as bars to clear the dust out of your lungs).