Friday, April 8, 2011

End of a Good Bar: Mar's Trading Post Inn-- Part 3

I should mention the historical aspect of the bar. It is built on the foundation of a former trading post dating back to the 1840s, hence the name Trading Post Inn.

When you think small town Wisconsin bar, this is exactly what you think about. It is never hard to get into a conversation with somebody. And, generally, there is a good crowd. Sometimes, too many. On several occasions, especially on $1 burger Thursdays and Booze Raffle Sundays, we walked in and left because there were no seats.

Every holiday, they put up a multitude of decorations. And those included St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day and Easter.

We always loved the mini Christmas tree that always hung upside down above the bar and was decorated for the season and had the sign, "If this looks rightside up, go home."

Of course, being on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin, there was always the Packer-Bear thing. Probably the only drawback of the place was that it wasn't a good place to watch a game. They just had two TVs at the ends of the big back bar which dated back to the 1880s.

We'll Be Heading There for One Last Time Saturday As It Is the Last Day. The New Owners Take Over and Open Wednesday. --RoadDog

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