Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The End of the Mineola?

The Mineola Hotel in Fox Lake, Illinois, has been condemned by the village for all sorts of structural problems.

It was built in 1884 along the lines of the Grand Hotel in Mackinac, Michigan, only smaller. It has been a tourist spot on the Chain of Lakes ever since. Although now, just a restaurant on the lower level is open to the public.

The restaurant is in good shaped, but there is fear that the upper floors could collapse. The whole upper part of the structure is in bad shape and has been neglected by owner Pete Jakstas for many years.

He has thirty days to submit a structural report.

"Mineola Pete" as he is called, has owned it for many years and also operates Mineola Marine next door. To his credit, he hasn't torn it down to make way for condos. However, he does not want to put any of his own money into the Mineola.

My own thought is that the building is too far gone to be saved which is too bad when considering its age. That would be too bad as it is one beautiful building.

Article at the April 20th Northwest Herald "Fox Lake Condemns Mineola Hotel."

Check out pictures of it on Google Images.

The Mineola reopened about two weeks ago. 5-5-11

Hope It Can Be saved. --RoadDog

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