Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cozy Dog, If You Please

From the April 4th Columbia (Mo) Daily Tribune.

Besides being about one of our absolute favorite places to chow down on Route 66, the Cozy Dog in Springfield, Illinois, this article featured a large full-size picture of the Cozy Dog special, what we always order when there. That would be 4 Cozy Dogs and a large order of fries. As much as I really like the hot dogs, I also really like their fries. Cost is $9, or you can get just one Cozy Dog for $1.85.

Whether you dip it in mustard or pattern a mustard zig-zag across the top, the Cozy Dog is a must in Route 66 eating. I personally zig-zag and then place raw onions on top of it. And don't forget the Cozy Salt.

Don't go in and order a corn dog. They will correct you. You order a Cozy Dog. They claim to have invented the corn dog in the 1940s. It was there, but Ed Waldmire took it to a new level.

Cozy Dogs come crisp and crunchy and are not cooked in the fryer until you order them. None of that sitting under a heat lamp for hours. Fies are hand-cut and fairly greasy.


Sitting in the restaurant, you are surrounded by Route 66 memorabilia and there is a small store where you can buy stuff. In the middle of the place is the Edwin Waldmire Memorial Library in an oversized bookcase.

We always enjoy reading the various state organization and national Route 66 publications which are in a stand by the bathrooms.

Another photo in the article showed the Mr. and Mrs. Cozy Dog driving down "Old 66" with the words "Owned and operated by the Ed Waldmire family since 1949."

OK, I'm Hungry Now. --RoadDog

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