Wednesday, April 6, 2011

End of a Good Bar: Mar's Trading Post Inn-- Part 2

Friday morning, I started going through my stuff as I knew I had several free drink tickets. While doing so, I also found a $30 gift certificate I had gotten many years ago when I used to deejay there.

I wasn't even sure that it would still be good, but worth a shot.


I should mention that we used to also go to the place before it was Mar's, Riverside Inn. The bartender/owner, Jim, could have been Joe Gates' long lost twin brother. Joe Gates used to own the Puppet Bar in Fox Lake, Illinois, back in the 80s when I worked there as a deejay.

He looked like him, talked like him and had the same sense of humor. Everyone got Indian names. I was Chief Walking Eagle; so full of s***, I couldn't fly. Anyone playing the jukebox had to be aware of the giant spider he would drop down on you. Joe had died by then, so this was like being with him again.


Then, Mar and her husband Dave took over. It continued as a locals place and added great food at great prices along with reasonable drinks. Pints usually were a buck, rail drinks $2, and Sundays, a great pint Bloody Mary for $1.75.

Then, there was also the Booze raffles on Sunday afternoons that drew a big crowd. New Year Eves were always early start and end by 8 pm.

Sure Gonna Miss This Bar. --RoadDog

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