Monday, April 18, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard: Cape Coral, Florida-- Part 5

We drove out to Pine Island, past that neat little village of small-colored houses called Matalacha. Then we drove north past one palm tree nursery after another. They should change the name to Palm Island.

Destination was Bokeha at the north end, hoping there would be some sort of bar. There wasn't, just one restaurant, but pretty views of sand and water. After all that white, anything non-white was alright with us.

There was a south end of the island that we were heading for, but got a call from Mark and Al that we were going to meet up with some railroad friends, so drove back to the motel. I also would like to take a walk around Matalacha sometime.

We met retired railroad guys Bob and Dave and followed them over to the Twisted Conch a couple blocks away. Enjoyed their two-for-one happy hour bottles and I had one of the best shrimp baskets ever.

Afterwards, we were off to Dave's place which is over run with little dogs. They have two and another couple there had two. These folks were WII Bowling fanatics.

Homes in Dave's subdivision are built on raised mounds because of hurricanes. Hurricane Charlie was evidently quite a bad one.

A Pleasant Change. --RoadDog

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