Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hitting the Local Bars

APRIL 12th--

We met Sue and Paul at FIRE WOOD in McHenry, Illinois. Last year, this place became where the usual suspects met to watch the Bears games and we hadn't been there since the end of the season.

Tuesdays they have 50 cent tacos, 50 cent 10 ounce drafts and $1 pints as well as AUCE personal pizza for $2.99.

On the way home, Liz and I stopped at CHEF DAVITO'S in Johnsburg for the first time ever. It is where our old watering hole, Tom's Cafe was located. It is now an upscale Italian restaurant, but reasonable with meals from $13 to $25. Draft beer is $2, not bad for a fancy place. We'll definitely be back.

APRIL 13th--

Met Kevin, Kelly, Sue, Paul and Pam at CASTAWAYS on Pistakee Lake. Sat out on the deck and enjoyed $1 drafts and 40 cent wings. Then went inside for popular local entertainer Jim Seig's show starting at 6. Sun, deck, warm, cheap beer and eats as well as entertainment and a view of the lake. I can live with that.

APRIL 14th

Went to DONOVAN's for the $1 pints, NTN and chicken popcorn and fries. On the way home, stopped at the new WILMOT TRADING POST which was Mar's Trading Post Inn until Saturday. It is essentially the same, but drafts and bottles are $2.

Way Too Much Time in Bars. Little Old Beer-Drinker Me. --RoadDog

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